2020 Virtual Gravel Worlds

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Gravel Worlds Virtual

It’s been a difficult year on so many fronts. We hope you and your family and friends are staying safe and healthy. The Pandemic has necessitated a lot of changes in our lives. Cycling has taken a backseat to more important things this year. Most cycling events have been canceled including Gravel Worlds, so the Pirate Crew has decided to try something different. We are excited to offer you a unique Gravel Worlds challenge. We are going to have a Gravel Worlds Virtual event this year. The Gravel Worlds Virtual will be a month long challenge that will motivate you to pedal while raising fund for a great cause. The entry donations will help raise funds for the yet to be built Randy Gibson shelter along the trail in the Historic Haymarket in Lincoln, Nebraska. Randy Gibson was a beloved member of the Gravel Worlds promotion team who was tragically killed by a drunk driver while riding his bike in 2017. 

In order to participate in Gravel Worlds Virtual, you must donate at least $10 to the Randy Gibson Fund at the Lincoln Parks Foundation. The Lincoln Parks Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit; therefore, the donation will be tax deductible.  Our event promotion team will not receive any of the money that is donated.  All donations go directly to the non-profit, Lincoln Parks Foundation. After the donation, the participants have three distance options to choose from: 150 miles, 75 miles or the 50 km.  Speed isn’t essential to participate. You just need to be able to complete the distance(s). Any course anywhere in the World will work. It doesn’t need to be on gravel.  Just get out and ride!  Create your own route and ride in your City!

The virtual event will last the month of August and anyone in the World can participate if they complete the required distance. Gravel cycling has become a global phenomenon that has united numerous cycling disciplines together.  The Gravel Worlds Virtual looks to unite cyclists across the globe to demonstrate unity even though we can’t ride together. 

We will post three local routes if you want to do a ride around Lincoln, Nebraska but you are more than welcome to create your own route in your area. The Virtual event is open to anyone across the globe, so let’s see how many different locations are represented!

We have gotten amazing support from our Sponsors and have compiled an impressive list of raffle prizes. We will be raffling off the prizes for each event distance at the completion of the challenge. Be sure to support the folks that support us!  Give our sponsors a follow on social media and tell them thanks!  

Three easy steps…Donate, Ride, and Submit 

1. Donate

Donate at least $10 to the Randy Gibson Memorial Fund via the Lincoln Parks Foundation.

2. Ride

Ride Either 150 miles, 75 miles, or 50km (31 miles) on any route on any surface anywhere in the World

Please follow all your local social distancing rules. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy!

If you going to be around Lincoln, Nebraska this August, feel free to try out the historic routes in the link below. 

3. Submit

Fill out the form with a receipt of your donation, a screenshot of your ride (Strava, Garmin, cyclocomputer, etc), and the requested info to be entered in the drawing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participant in ALL THREE ride challenges?
Absolutely!  Just register three separate times for each ride distance with a minimum $10 donation per entry.  You can donate once in the amount of $30 or more to cover all three ride distances.  Each ride must be a separate ride and documented accordingly.  You’ll be eligible for all three ride distance raffles at the end of the challenge.
Can I donate more than $10 with each entry?
Absolutely!  The minimum donation is $10 to be included in the challenge and to be eligible for raffle prizes.
Can I ride on the road?
Absolutely!  Any road surface will work.  The distance is the only requirement. 
I don't live in the United States, can I participate?

Absolutely!  Anyone across the globe can participate.  Donate and then ride 150 miles, 75 miles and/or 50 km on a local route. The ride can be on any surface anywhere in the World! Shipping of raffle winnings may be slow.  We’ll use the lowest cost option.

Can I give Schmidty a hug?
Absolutely not!  Next year, maybe…

150 miles

75 miles

50 KM

Time Left to Ride!








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Cycle Works
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Fleet Feet Lincoln & Omaha
Lincoln Orthopedic Center
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Three Ride Options, Three Tiers of Raffle Prizes

All participants get access to Gravel Worlds Virtual discount coupon codes from:

  • Squirt Cycling
  • WTB
  • Panaracer
  • Science in Sport

150 Mile Gravel Worlds Virtual

  • Lauf True Grit Frame Set
  • Shimano Dura Ace power meter
  • $500 off Cantu Carbon Wheel Set
  • Piedmontese Beef Box
  • Squirt Cycling Hamper
  • Chamois Butt’r Comfortable Ride Pack
  • WTB Saddle
  • Voler Cache Bib and Velocity Jersey
  • Science in Sport $50 online store coupon

75 Miles Privateer

  • Lauf Smoothie Handlebar
  • Piedmontese Beef Gift Cards
  • Bag from FBJ Creations
  • Squirt Cycling Hamper
  • Chamois Butt’r Comfortable Ride Pack
  • Voler Cache Bib and Velocity Jersey
  • Science in Sport $50 online store coupon
  • PRO Gravel Seat bag small – 5 chances to win!
  • Lazer helmet discount code – 10 chances to win!

50 km (31 miles) Buccaneer

  •  Lauf Cycling Kit
  • Cantu Bottle Cage
  • Bag from FBJ Creations
  • Squirt Cycling Hamper
  • Chamois Butt’r Comfortable Ride Pack
  • Science in Sport $50 online store coupon
  • PRO Gravel Seat bag small – 5     chances to win!
  • Lazer helmet discount code – 10 chances to win!
  • WTB set of tires
  • Nutrition package provided by Fleet Feet