He turned to the sea
For opportunity
A pirate’s grin
Overcoming him

Melissa Auf der Maur

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Our Tenth Year of Touring Dirt Roads

Each Spring, Pirate Cycling League has mapped out a course incorporating some of the less-traveled gravel and minimum maintenance roads (MMR’s) in the surrounding counties and set aside a day to celebrate them with our friends. This years event will TENTATIVELY take place on Saturday, May 5.

This year’s route will touch many of the same—really awesome—roads as last years’. Also like last year, we’ll depart from Taggart Park (the city park) in Palmyra. Otoe and Johnson Counties are where we’ll spend a great deal of the day; and they contain some real gems: dirt roads, burned out towns, old architecture, rolling hills, and more.

It’s not a race, it’s an adventure. And we’d love to have you join us – everyone is welcome. There’s no entry fee (which is one reason we offer an unconditional money-back guarantee that you’ll have a great time).

But you will want to come prepared with all the gear you need (it is springtime in Nebraska, after all) and some doubloons (or some currency) to use as barter for replenishment – and for post-ride (last year we confirmed that grog DOES flow in the quiet hamlet of Palmyra).

#GravelFamily: Carrie Bax

• What’s your favorite GW experience?

My favorite Gravel Worlds experience was the last 25 miles of the race in 2018, which was my first ever GW, the longest ride of my life at that time. I had only been racing for 10 months and was really pushing my limits. I remember wanting to pull the plug, no one was around and it felt like I was out in the middle of a desolate, deserted land. I remember making myself turn that pedal one stroke at a time and telling myself that if I just did that, I would make it to the finish. Baby steps turned into me crossing that finish line with tears rolling down my cheeks as my mom, son, and new gravel team, MUOR was there to wrap their arms around me. That was the first and only time that I have ever cried crossing a finish line. It was epic moment for me.

• What’s your funniest Gravel event story (ie never trust a fart)

Last year at the Dirty Dala race my legs froze up and I couldn’t pedal, I fell off my bike and couldn’t stand. My friend and teammate, Don Daly, came to my rescue with his 4 wheel drive SUV. He ended up COVERING it in mud and getting it stuck. The locals had to get a tractor out there to rescue him. It wasn’t too funny then but now I look back on it with a smile. #GravelFamily

• How long have you been riding? Has gravel changed your perspective on riding, and if so, how?

I have been riding for 2 years and 8 months, started July 2017. I actually started riding on gravel, it’s my home turf. I used to crash on pretty much every ride I would go on, my body has learned a lot since then. Gravel has changed my perspective on life though, it has all the aspects to change your mind and the way you think about life. It’s a good thing.

• Has gravel brought you closer to your community and if so, how?

Yes, I have made some of the greatest friends through gravel. Friends that I would trust with my life, the type that you have to go through a lot with to be that solid. Some are near and a few are in other states, but it still feels like part of my community. Locally with neighbors and peeps in the area, they see me out there waving to them often while on my bike. I try to set a good example for all cyclists, plus it’s makes you feel good to smile and wave, especially if they start waving back. People notice, become more aware, and sometimes get inspired. It’s cool to get messages from the locals on FB asking if that was me out there on such n such road at such n such time.

• What does #GravelFamily mean to you?

#GravelFamily means so much to me. It’s my largest family! People of all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of backgrounds, abilities, professions, from all over the world come together with one main thing in common. They love riding their bike. They enjoy the views and the challenge, some do it for the mental gains and others for the physical, but in the end we are all there for each other. We are there to motivate, inspire, help change a flat, block that wind, or meet a new lifelong friend. #GravelFamily.

2019 Winners

Overall men – John Borstelmann
Overall women – Alison Tetrick
Men 39 & under – John Borstelmann
Men 40 – 49 – Tim Mitchell
Men 50 – 59 – Craig Roemer
Men 60+ – Harry Johnson
Women 39 & Under – Alison Tetrick
Women 40 – 49 – Jennifer Borst
Women 50 – 59 – Janine Copple
Women 60+ – Linda Margaret
Singlespeed Men – Joe Kleidosty
Singlespeed Women – Adrienne Taren
Fatbike Men – Aaron Wrobel
Fatbike Women – Barbara Becker
Tandem – Adam Galindo & Corey Smith
Vintage – Greg Vaught

2018 Winners

Colin Strickland – Open Men
Alison Tetrick – Open Women
Joel Brazil – Masters Men
Tina Severson – Masters Women
Joe Kleidosty – Single Speed Men
Desiree White – Single Speed Women
Scott Sumpter – Fatbike Men
Kristin Luebke – Fatbike Women
Josh Schrock & Don Daly – Tandem

2017 Winners

Colin Strickland – Open Men
Alison Tetrick – Open Women
Tim Graczyk – Single Speed Men
Sam Scipio – Single Speed Women
David Hasse – Masters Men
Karen Pritchard – Masters Women
Craig Weimer – Tandem
Aaron Wrabek – Fat Bike Men
Sarah Cooper – Fat Bike Women

2016 Gravel Worlds

Rob Evans – Open Men
Kae Takeshita – Open Women
Andrew Strempke – Single Speed Men
Gabrielle Shelton – Single Speed Women
Ethan Froese – Masters Men
Karen Pritchard – Masters Women
Jayp & T-Race Petervary – Tandem
Aaron Wrabek – Fat Bike Men
Suz Falvey – Fat Bike Women

2015 Gravel Worlds

Neil Shirley – Open Men
Rebecca Rusch – Open Women
Wesley Boyce – Single Speed Men
Megan Hottman – Single Speed Women
Mike Marchand – Masters Men
Pamela Lionberger – Masters Women
Tim & Kristi Mohn – Tandem
Joe Stiller & Randall Smith
(Co-champions) – Fat Bike Men
Jamie Granquist – Fat Bike Women

2014 Gravel Worlds

Dan Hughes – Open Men
Karen Borgstedt/
Andrea Cohen (tie) – Open Women
Wesley Boyce – Single Speed Men
Kate Wilson – Single Speed Women
Warren Wiebe – Masters Single Speed
Michael Moriarty – Masters Men
Desiree White – Masters Women
Matt Gersib – Cargo/Fat Bike Men
Jamie Granquist – Fat Bike Women

2013 Gravel Worlds

Austin Horse – Open Men
Monika Sattler – Open Women
Wesley Boyce – Single Speed Men
Elisabeth Reinkordt – Single Speed Women
Lester Carson – Masters Men
Angie Rake – Masters Women
Richard Biechler/Jenny Loney – Tandem
Mark Mervine – Cargo/Fat Bike Men
Traci Andre – Fat Bike Women

2012 Gravel Worlds

Jay Thomas – Open Men
Sydney Brown – Open Women
Rafal Doloto – Single Speed Men
John Mathias – Masters Men
Kim Carveth – Masters Women
Ben Swift – Cargo/Fat Bike Men

2011 Gravel Worlds

Greg Shimonek – Open Men
Loren Uscilowski – Open Women
Eric Brunt – Single Speed Men
Janna Vavra – Single Speed Women
Mike Shumway – Masters Men
Kim Carveth – Masters Women
Lance Andre/Malcolm Tassi – Tandem

2010 Gravel Worlds

Mike Marchand – Open Men
Kelly Kostman – Open Women
Chris Hansen – Single Speed Men
Janna Vavra – Single Speed Women
Jon Vondracek – Masters Men
Kim Carveth – Masters Women
Wes Gregg/Gunner Rush – Tandem