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SchillingBridge Cork and Tap House

SchillingBridge Cork and Tap House

575 Fallbrook Blvd. Suite 109 in Lincoln, Nebraska 68521

A remarkable sense of place, dedicated to bringing together guests by providing a diverse portfolio of hand-crafted beer and wine, signature cocktails, and an innovative wine and beer infused menu in a relaxed atmosphere.

SchillingBridge [shi-ling-bridge (noun)] is an innovative craft beer and wine inspired gastropub! Building on the SchillingBridge brand established in 2005, SchillingBridge Cork & Tap House is a unique destination that straddles the lines between bar and restaurant and brewery and tasting room. We feature our own house brands of craft beer along with the award-winning handcrafted wines produced at SchillingBridge Winery in Pawnee City, Nebraska. The signature cocktail offerings represent a creative fusion of classic libations using premium spirits and hand-squeezed fruit juices with the SchillingBridge brands of wine, craft beer, margarita cocktail mix, sour mix, and of course, Kelly’s homemade root beer. A small selection of craft beers and wine produced outside our region will also be available.

The food menu was designed around our SchillingBridge beverage products infusing them in creative and imaginative ways. Our recipes blend European flavors with modern day flavor profiles resulting in the old world fusing with the new world similarly like the grape varietals located at the SchillingBridge estate vineyard. This diverse menu along with our creative weekly features will entice you to become a frequent guest.

Our patio with its mesmerizing fire table, stone fire pits, and beautiful brick pizza oven offers a stunning ambiance unparalleled anywhere else. This outdoor social space invites our guests to gather their neighbors and friends to kick back and let the worries of the day melt away in the most perfect possible way – taking in the beauty of Fallbrook and gazing out at the exquisite view into Lincoln.

575 Fallbrook Blvd. Suite 109 in Lincoln, Nebraska 68521

Phone: (402) 904-7161

Libation Hours: Sunday: 11am-9pm. Monday: Closed. Tuesday: 11am-10pm. Wednesday: 11am-10pm. Thursday: 11am-10pm. Friday: 11am-12am. Saturday: 11am-12am

Dining Hours: Sunday: 11am-8:30pm. Monday: Closed . Tuesday: 11am-9pm. Wednesday: 11am-9pm. Thursday: 11am-9pm. Friday: 11am-10pm.

Saturday: 11am-10pm

Yia Yia’s Pizza and Beer

1423 O St., Lincoln, NE 68508 (402) 477-9166

yiaYiasPizza by the slice, or whole pies. An ad agency ran a campaign a few years back that touted something like “1,072,739 combinations” due to all the choices for toppings and sauces and cheeses. And they have a serious selection of unique beers.

Location of many top-level Pirate summits. Home of semi-annual gathering “WWASH” (While We’re All Still Here), held on the solstices, celebrating friends and good vibes.

The Hub Café

250 N 21st St, #3 Lincoln, NE 68503

The Café is located on the straight line between the host hotel and Cycle Works if you travel east on “P” Street.

Our cafe is like our community, warm and open. It is both a place to relax and a place to connect. At hub cafe, we seek to bring people together by providing an excellent dining and coffee experience. We strive to provide space for a sense of belonging in our community through the food we serve.

Our approach to food is simple: use the best ingredients that we, as local farmers, have to offer. Sourcing from the farmers in our local food community allows us to serve the freshest, best-tasting produce, dairy products and meats to inspire creative dishes and connect us and our customers to our landscape and the seasons. Above all, we strive to treat our guests and staff alike with care, sharing our mission to transform the bounty of this land into exceptional modern farm fare.

In partnership with branched oak farm and cultiva coffee, we have the tools to give you the best coffee experience you can find in town. We have passion for our craft, whether it be a finely brewed pour-over, a well pulled shot, or a velvety cappuccino. Let us make our passion yours.

Boiler Brewing Company

129 N 10th Street, Suite 8, Lincoln, NE 68508

This tap room is located just east – literally right down the alley from the host hotel.

bbc-logoGreat beer, great service, great space. Boiler Brewing Company and tap room is located in downtown Lincoln in the historic Grand Manse building. The stately stature of the Grand Manse is accurately reflected in the bold beers that brewmaster Tim Thomssen prefers to make. Aside from the ever rotating list of beers, an eclectic wine selection, wine dispensing machines and food are available.

We pride ourselves in making small batch beer rich in flavor leaving little to the imagination. Your glass will never be empty.

Method Cycles and Craft House

416 S. 11th Street, Lincoln, NE 68502 (402) 413-5022

method-cyclesBlackThe Coffee Bar is up and running serving exquisitely roasted single origin and blended beans from Archetype Coffee. Lattes, Mochas, and Cappuccinos prepared on our Rocket Espresso machine, Pour Overs, and more are available today.

Our Nitro Cold Brew is coming soon.

Bike Shops

Cycle Works

Cycle Works

720 North 27th Street, Lincoln, NE 68503

Cycle Works was started in the summer of 1981 with 5 bikes and $300 in accessories in the shell of a former car wash. Since then we have expanded to our present location across the street with more than 1000 bikes and a few more parts and accessories. We have been able to grow by following one principle, “Quality, Service and Selection is Everything!”. We maintain a large inventory of bikes, parts, accessories and clothing so that we may keep our customers cycling no matter what type of riding, season or problem they may encounter.

Our longest standing sponsor.


Open Mon – Sat: 9am – 7pm, Sun: 12pm – 5pm

get out. have fun. be rad.

2019 Gravel Worlds
6:00 a.m. August 17, 2018

2018 Winners

Colin Strickland – Open Men
Alison Tetrick – Open Women
Joel Brazil – Masters Men
Tina Severson – Masters Women
Joe Kleidosty – Single Speed Men
Desiree White – Single Speed Women
Scott Sumpter – Fatbike Men
Kristin Luebke – Fatbike Women
Josh Schrock & Don Daly – Tandem

2017 Winners

Colin Strickland – Open Men
Alison Tetrick – Open Women
Tim Graczyk – Single Speed Men
Sam Scipio – Single Speed Women
David Hasse – Masters Men
Karen Pritchard – Masters Women
Craig Weimer – Tandem
Aaron Wrabek – Fat Bike Men
Sarah Cooper – Fat Bike Women

2016 Gravel Worlds

Rob Evans – Open Men
Kae Takeshita – Open Women
Andrew Strempke – Single Speed Men
Gabrielle Shelton – Single Speed Women
Ethan Froese – Masters Men
Karen Pritchard – Masters Women
Jayp & T-Race Petervary – Tandem
Aaron Wrabek – Fat Bike Men
Suz Falvey – Fat Bike Women

2015 Gravel Worlds

Neil Shirley – Open Men
Rebecca Rusch – Open Women
Wesley Boyce – Single Speed Men
Megan Hottman – Single Speed Women
Mike Marchand – Masters Men
Pamela Lionberger – Masters Women
Tim & Kristi Mohn – Tandem
Joe Stiller & Randall Smith
(Co-champions) – Fat Bike Men
Jamie Granquist – Fat Bike Women

2014 Gravel Worlds

Dan Hughes – Open Men
Karen Borgstedt/
Andrea Cohen (tie) – Open Women
Wesley Boyce – Single Speed Men
Kate Wilson – Single Speed Women
Warren Wiebe – Masters Single Speed
Michael Moriarty – Masters Men
Desiree White – Masters Women
Matt Gersib – Cargo/Fat Bike Men
Jamie Granquist – Fat Bike Women

2013 Gravel Worlds

Austin Horse – Open Men
Monika Sattler – Open Women
Wesley Boyce – Single Speed Men
Elisabeth Reinkordt – Single Speed Women
Lester Carson – Masters Men
Angie Rake – Masters Women
Richard Biechler/Jenny Loney – Tandem
Mark Mervine – Cargo/Fat Bike Men
Traci Andre – Fat Bike Women

2012 Gravel Worlds

Jay Thomas – Open Men
Sydney Brown – Open Women
Rafal Doloto – Single Speed Men
John Mathias – Masters Men
Kim Carveth – Masters Women
Ben Swift – Cargo/Fat Bike Men

2011 Gravel Worlds

Greg Shimonek – Open Men
Loren Uscilowski – Open Women
Eric Brunt – Single Speed Men
Janna Vavra – Single Speed Women
Mike Shumway – Masters Men
Kim Carveth – Masters Women
Lance Andre/Malcolm Tassi – Tandem

2010 Gravel Worlds

Mike Marchand – Open Men
Kelly Kostman – Open Women
Chris Hansen – Single Speed Men
Janna Vavra – Single Speed Women
Jon Vondracek – Masters Men
Kim Carveth – Masters Women
Wes Gregg/Gunner Rush – Tandem