We are guests of the Fallbrook Neighborhood. These are neutral waters; pillage on your own time, on your own shores.

We wish for the relationship to continue into the future. Please respect the businesses and their clientele throughout the day. Parking is allowed in designated areas only, DO NOT PARK ON RESIDENTIAL STREETS, and please use the restrooms provided.

You will be given a parking pass at registration on Friday at SchillingBridge. Please refer to the handbill you are given and the map below for the color-coded parking area assigned to you. There will be volunteers on Saturday morning to assist you in finding the easiest route to park your vehicle.

SchillingBridge Cork & Tap House

This year’s start/finish sponsor. Home of Gravel Worlds AyePA.

Post-Race Meal Special: Your choice of a pulled pork sandwich (or a veggie burger), chips, and a drink (Gravel Worlds AyePA, grog or otherwise). $10. Served until midnight.

575 Fallbrook Blvd. Suite 109, Lincoln, Nebraska 68521
(402) 904-7161

Super Saver

Open 24 hours, Super Saver Grocery Store will have food (duh), and restrooms available.

Super Saver
840 Fallbrook Blvd, Lincoln, NE 68521

Ameritas Life Insurance

Parking area. Located just east of the start/finish at SchillingBridge. Please allow the parking volunteers to assist you.

Ameritas Life Insurance
475 Fallbrook Blvd, Lincoln, Nebraska 68521

Fallbrook YMCA

The good folks at the Fallbrook YMCA have graciously offered up their locker rooms and showers for riders after the event. The Y is located on the same property as Schoo mIddle School and is within eyesight of the start/finish line. They will be open until 9:00 p.m. for riders to freshen up. Please bring your own towel and toiletries.

Please do not park in the YMCA parking lots, they are busy on the weekends.

Fallbrook YMCA
700 Suite B, Penrose Dr. Lincoln, NE

2019 Gravel Worlds
6:00 a.m. August 17, 2018

2019 Winners

Overall men – John Borstelmann
Overall women – Alison Tetrick
Men 39 & under – John Borstelmann
Men 40 – 49 – Tim Mitchell
Men 50 – 59 – Craig Roemer
Men 60+ – Harry Johnson
Women 39 & Under – Alison Tetrick
Women 40 – 49 – Jennifer Borst
Women 50 – 59 – Janine Copple
Women 60+ – Linda Margaret
Singlespeed Men – Joe Kleidosty
Singlespeed Women – Adrienne Taren
Fatbike Men – Aaron Wrobel
Fatbike Women – Barbara Becker
Tandem – Adam Galindo & Corey Smith

2019 Winners

Overall men – John Borstelmann
Overall women – Alison Tetrick
Men 39 & under – John Borstelmann
Men 40 – 49 – Tim Mitchell
Men 50 – 59 – Craig Roemer
Men 60+ – Harry Johnson
Women 39 & Under – Alison Tetrick
Women 40 – 49 – Jennifer Borst
Women 50 – 59 – Janine Copple
Women 60+ – Linda Margaret
Singlespeed Men – Joe Kleidosty
Singlespeed Women – Adrienne Taren
Fatbike Men – Aaron Wrobel
Fatbike Women – Barbara Becker
Tandem – Adam Galindo & Corey Smith

#MyGravelWorlds: Libby Skinner

Gravel grinding is a super cool, hip club that they let a 56-year-old Mom (and librarian…shhh) into. Lots of tattoos, long beards and hipster style. What was not obvious when I walked up to the registration table at Cycle World in Lincoln, Nebraska is that I’ve been a long haul cyclist since I was 24 and I’ve done some badass gravel including Dirty Kanza and the Hellhole Gravel series (SC). And while I will never be the fastest, I came for the epic adventure.
Traveling to Nebraska from North Carolina to cycle in Gravel Worlds was an epic quest for me. My grandparents and my Dad were born in the Swedish community of Wausa, NE and five generations of Johnsons have called northeast Nebraska home. I cycled through Nebraska on a cross-country bicycle tour in 1984 but had never bicycled the gravel backroads. I flew in a week early before the race to take my time exploring the gravel roads around my grandparents’ farm in Osmond.
I knew the Nebraska hills would be punchy, but wowza. My pre-rides quickly got me prepared for what was to come. My best cycling friend was not able to race GW due to a cycling accident that has her recovering from three broken ribs. So, I rolled up on race morning without knowing anyone. Always a nervous Nellie about mechanicals and navigating the route, I was relieved to get rolling. I knew the fast pack would head out quickly and the second half of the field would be left to ride in smaller groups–twos, threes and individually–as the day wore on over the 150 miles.
With a largely Midwestern crowd, folks were friendly and jovial all along the route. The oasis stops were a blast and I admit to lingering a little too long at the store in Malcolm and at Checkpoint 2 at mile 128. A guy discovered leftover cold coffee and we lounged painfully in soccer chairs and enjoyed a few quick slugs of refreshing iced coffee before tackling the final miles of the course and the last McKelvie Road hills.
The hills were tough, but I think the heat took more of a toll. The water hose at Checkpoint 1 was awesome. From then on one water bottle was dedicated to dousing my head, shoulders and torso as I rode along.
All day long I tried to take in the endless rolling hills, family homesteads, barns and the alternating fields of corn, soybeans and alfalfa. I love the wide open spaces of the Great Plains even though I was bleary-eyed and cursing them toward the end. I spent the day meditating on my grandparents, Dave and Irene Johnson, and my Dad Willis, who moved to Florida in his twenties–and all of the Johnson grit and determination as I attacked the endless, punchy hills. Hell yes, Nebraska is hilly.
I want to come back next year to shave an hour off my time. I stopped way too much and carried way too much in my Camelbak not knowing what to expect. I’m proud to be one of the forty women who conquered Gravel Worlds. Gravel girls are badass, for sure.on my grandparents, Dave and Irene Johnson, and my Dad Willis, who moved to Florida in his twenties–and all of the Johnson grit and determination as I attacked the endless, punchy hills.
Hell yes, Nebraska is hilly. I want to come back next year to shave an hour off my time. I stopped way too much and carried way too much in my Camelbak not knowing what to expect. I’m proud to be one of the forty women who conquered Gravel Worlds. Gravel girls are badass, for sure.

#MyGravelWorlds: Todd Smith

Reason to Ride I could tell by the miles on my Garmin, and the pain in my legs, that the finish line was near by: I needed it to be. Every part of me wanted to just lay my bike over lazily and fade into a cool shady spot under one of the many trees along the way. My lips were sunburnt and ached with that ever present urge to lick them for temporary relief. My large hands were stuck in the grip position and would shoot painful jabs up my forearms if I tried to move them. Cramps in my quads had stopped me earlier, but salt pills and pickle juice had alleviated the pain to tolerable levels.
But, you know what? I was smiling. Oh, I was in the privateer ride, not the full on 150 at Gravel Worlds.
I’m a forty nine year old salesman that looks awfully awkward in bike shorts and a helmet. My bike is an entry level bike that has been beat up terribly in my mid life crisis adventure in gravel biking. My gear is a Mish mash of Amazon sales and none of it matches. But, that doesn’t matter in the gravel world of which I am very grateful.
My reason for riding in Gravel Worlds was to have a purpose in my weekly riding around my home- beyond the immediate acetic and emotional reasons that I do it. Without a goal of some sort with a timestamp on it, I felt like I’d just be spinning my wheels………. The physical struggle of riding is a positive but secondary reason for me to ride anytime. The driving “ideal” that I crave in my riding is silence and the residual solitude.
Beyond the crunching of gravel, the shifting gears and my gasping breath, is the song of meadowlarks and irrigation motors on the horizon. There are the numerous herds of cattle that have grown accustomed to me cruising by them as they sit in shade by the water tanks. Deer never fail to startle me,as much as they are startled by me, as they dart out of grassy ditches and jump gracefully over cobbled together barbed wire fence. I’ve been stared down by a stubborn badger and chased by a wayward llama.
There are times, though, that I swear the only sound around is my heart pounding through my cheap and undersized jersey.
At the center of the silence outside, is the constant dialogue within me. I think that my brain goes into deep thought overdrive when the rest of me is busy peddling. Many times my bike ride is consumed with prayer, thankfulness and humility. I have shed a few years down my dirty face after Grace given catharsis. If I let myself think about how to approach a situation with someone, my initial emotional reaction is replaced with a more objective, rational and pragmatic response. There is one Universal truth with riding a bike: You cannot stay in a bad and self consumed mood if you keep riding.
Once I passed the finish line, I was surprised to hear my name and hometown on the PA. I stopped and got a “good job” pat on my wet back and a privateer patch for my accomplishment. My head was reeling with the sudden end of it all.
I walked my bike back to the YMCA parking lot because I was unable to ride it anymore. I felt like puking up all of the bloxs,bagels, Pepsi, Coke and Gatorade from the day. I was Miserable and just wanted a shower, Big Mac and a nap.
I was smiling mud filled ear to sand filled ear. What a great day.

Gravel Worlds 2019 Registration Opens Saturday December 1, 2018 at 8 AM CST

Gravel Worlds Registration opens this Saturday December 1, 2018 at 8 AM CT. There are three events to choose from in 2019: the Gravel Worlds at 150 miles (new age based categories for 2019), the Privateer Gravel Grinder at 75 miles and the new Chamois Butt’r Buccaneer at 50 km (31 miles). We’re using BikeReg for 2019, so make sure your account is up to date and ready to go by Saturday! We’re super excited to see everyone in Lincoln, Nebraska on Saturday August 17, 2019!

2018 Winners

Colin Strickland – Open Men
Alison Tetrick – Open Women
Joel Brazil – Masters Men
Tina Severson – Masters Women
Joe Kleidosty – Single Speed Men
Desiree White – Single Speed Women
Scott Sumpter – Fatbike Men
Kristin Luebke – Fatbike Women
Josh Schrock & Don Daly – Tandem

#MyGravelWorlds: Colin Strickland

When was your first Gravel Worlds?  2017 was my first Gravel Worlds.
What was the biggest hurdle/most difficult challenge? The biggest challenge of the race was staying on top of nutrition and hydration to ensure that the body has enough fuel supply to keep going for the 7 hour effort it takes to win the race. 
What was your highest Gravel Worlds moment? My highest Gravel Worlds moment occurred about 5 minutes after starting my final attack 20 miles from the finish when I realized that I was going more or less flat out, but it felt like a sustainable effort. I saw my chasers going hard as well, but I was still able to stretch the gap without going into the red. This was my highest moment, feeling good enough to roll the dice 6 hours into the race.
What is your favorite Gravel Worlds story? My favorite story is actually kind of a tragic one. Tanner Ward of Oklahoma Bicycle Project bridged solo up to the winning breakaway of 5 after a 30 minute solo effort to get there. Tanner was tragically DROPPED from the breakaway around mi 100 when he slowed to take a rolling pee off the bike. Unfortunately, Tanner did not let the rest of us know what he was doing, so we kept rolling along and eventually concluded that he had a mechanical issue. We would have happily slowed up for him. It was definitely a tragic/slightly comical way to exit the winning breakaway in a 150mi race.
How did you feel when you finished? When I finished the race I felt decent, surprisingly. The final hour of the race was spent going fat out in solo time trial mode, so it was quite intense. After getting off my bike and starting to “re-hydrate”, the exhaustion of the days effort set in and I took a 2 hour nap until podium ceremony and celebration. It was the largest single effort I have ever put in on a bike.
In one phrase, what is Gravel Worlds to you? Gravel worlds is an opportunity to explore your limits of your mind a body in a dynamic and competitive setting.

#MyGravelWorlds: Abhilesh Dhawanjewar

When was your first Gravel Worlds?
August 2017
What was your biggest hurdle/most difficult challenge?
Knowing the nutritional needs of my body was one of the most difficult challenges for me over the course of the ride. Having to constantly remind myself to fuel and hydrate on the move takes more practice than I imagined.
What was your highest Gravel Worlds moment?
The ~151 mile ride had a lot to offer and I thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of it. Right from the start when we rolled out amidst mist-covered fields in the wee hours of the morning to my finish when the silhouettes of the windmills and barns against the rich, warm hues of the sunset made for dreamy sights, the day was full of incredible views of the Nebraskan landscape, some of which have been etched in my memory forever. As the riders spread out after the start, there were times when I was riding all by myself, feeling a bit dismal but all those feelings were eroded by the cheerful and infectious enthusiasm of the volunteers at the various checkpoints. It was incredible to see villages come together with such fervor to help the riders complete their personal challenges.
What is your favorite Gravel Worlds story?
Not having much experience with long endurance rides on hilly gravel, I miscalculated my nutritional needs and was cramping all over towards the end, quite literally squirming on the ground. After climbing one of the punchier hills towards the end, my legs gave out and I fell to the side of the road. As I lay there, trying to breathe as smoothly as possible for every breath would trigger another set of spasms in my tortured muscles, the grass on the roadside never felt so soft, the chirping of the crickets never so melodious, the breeze (by Nebraskan standards) on my face never so soothing. After what seemed like an eternity (it was more like 5 minutes in real time) and contemplating about all the decisions I had made in life, a bunch of fellow pirates came riding along, fed me some magical salt pills, helped me back on my bike and motivated/cheered me to finish the final leg of this beautiful ride and see it to completion. “What’s another 10 miles when you’ve been riding for 140 miles anyway?”; hard to counter that argument!
How did you feel when you finished?
It was an euphoric moment! The sight of the finish line, the energetic organisers eagerly waiting to partake in your celebration and fellow riders acknowledging each other’s struggles washed away the pain of the last 13 hours. I was exhausted yet invigorated, tired yet merry and triumphant yet grateful. And yeah, now I could carb-load without any guilt (for a little while anyway)!!
In one phrase, what is Gravel Worlds to you?
A communal experience that will make you hate yourself but one that’ll leave you immensely ecstatic in the end.

#MyGravelWorlds: Neil "MinisterOfGravel" Taylor

When was your first Gravel Worlds?
I’m a total Gravel Worlds newbie.  I’ve only been there once, this past year in 2017.  I decided to start “racing” outside of the local races and take some trips to see some other areas.  I had only heard great things about Gravel Worlds so I figured it would be a great time to get up there for it.
What was your biggest hurdle/most difficult challenge?
The last 25 miles of the 2017 race.  I rode single speed that day.  It was only the 2nd time I had done over 100 miles on a single speed.  I had just started riding single speed in June of 2017.  I geared down from what I was used to riding, but it wasn’t a far enough drop.  After those first 125 miles my legs were shot.  There was a lot of hill walking and pushing to just finish.
What was your highest Gravel Worlds moment?
At the checkpoint around mile 80 I was starting to feel the effects of climbing so much in one gear.  The group of people at the checkpoint were awesome.  Its always great getting encouragement, especially from people I don’t know.  One of the volunteers at the checkpoint was a SS rider and she gave me some great encouragement and a high 5 when I rolled out of the checkpoint.  That pushed me on to mile 125.
What is your favorite Gravel Worlds story?
After I finished the race I walked into the restaurant there and was greeted by some fellow Emporians. Tim & Kristi Mohn, Lyn Blubaugh and Paulina Batiz were all finishing up their meal and I was in need of something cold to drink.  I just picked up their drinks (they were done right) and finished off each glass.  Gravel tribe = family  Those drinks tasted great after a hot day on the bike.
How did you feel when you finished?
I was toasted.  I had nothing left in the tank.  When I rolled in I was greeted by the same person who had encouraged me out of the checkpoint at mile 80.  She was there cheering me in.  That was cool.   Even though it took me way to long, I felt accomplished finishing that course on a $300 single speed bike.
In one phrase what is Gravel Worlds to you?
Time to walk the plank, matey.

#MyGravelWorlds: Jeff Kimble

When was your first Gravel Worlds?
2017’s Gravel Worlds Privateer (75 mile) course
What was the biggest hurdle/most difficult challenge?
Easily the mental fatigue, especially after getting into the ‘Bohemian Alps’ west of Valparaiso.  Each and every pedal stroke was an effort, and the thought to pull the plug came often.
What was your highest Gravel Worlds moment?
Approaching the finish line, rolling down Stonebrook Parkway (and I do mean rolling, no pedaling) and seeing my family standing at the roundabout to cheer me along. It was mildly embarrassing, but greatly appreciated nonetheless.
What is your favorite Gravel Worlds story?
I stopped at the Ding-A-Ling Bar in Raymond to treat myself with a red beer for those last few miles back to Lincoln.  One friendly local gentleman sitting at the bar was so impressed with the “lunacy” of the event that he bought me that red beer and a pickled egg too!  This didn’t help my finishing time whatsoever, but it did greatly improve my morale.
How did you feel when you finished?
Still hard to verbalize, but ultimately a huge sense of personal accomplishment.  A challenge even a couple of years ago I would’ve never dreamed attempting.
In one phrase, what is Gravel Worlds to you?
Something the Lincoln and Nebraska cycling community can be proud of. Most importantly, Nebraska ain’t flat!

#myGravelWorlds: Ken Theis

My first Gravel Worlds was 2016, but you won’t find any pictures or even see me on the results page, although I collected all the pipe cleaners. Just nine months prior I had been cycling to a cross race and was run over from behind by a person driving a SUV. Among my injuries was a traumatic brain injury that affected my short-term memory. Although I was nearly completely recovered, the brain injury lingered. I normally always forget something on a ride and curiously wait to see what it is. This time I forgot my race number in the car so no official results. Guess I’m coming back in ’17!
Hurdle: In 2016, that power sucking wet gravel in the first section. Awful. In 2017, I had my stuff together and coming off a solid finish in the DK200, I was ready for Worlds. I even had my race number this year. But remember when I said I always forget something? This time I was about to Valparaiso when I reached to my back left pocket. I’m not sure why I checked then and not in the parking lot, but the pocket was empty. Half of my nutrition plan sat in the car where my race number was left the year prior. Well crap, I guess I’m refueling at gas stations. I was more bummed at the added stop time than fact I didn’t have my gear. No one gets upset at having to eat Casey’s all day.
Highest moment: Having my wife and sons meet me at the finish line. Last year they greeted me with a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. Best. Donuts. Ever.
Fav Story: I’ve ridden Worlds both times with one of my best friends. We’ll call him Daryl. Last year we agreed to not mess around and get the race done as fast as we can. Well, we stayed longer than planned in Roca, but whatever. A day on the bike beats about anything. Somewhere after that we got split up. He knew I was stopping at Casey’s so I figured he’d roll in anytime. As some other friends stopped in, I asked about him. They said, “He just rode by a few minutes ago.” I just got dropped at a gas station stop! I wasn’t gonna stand for that and Brad Oldfield and I rolled out. We buried the needle as much as you can after 120 miles, me pulling, Brad navigating. I had to take a chance on my sketchy navigation and pressed on alone sighting riders in the distance and picking them off one by one. Was that him? Nope. Now? Nope. I had nearly given up, but the race wasn’t over. Up on the next climb was a rider grinding it out and constantly looking over his shoulder. “Daaaarrrryyllll,” I called out. It was him. I reeled him in. As I rode up, I slapped him on the back and he snapped, “Don’t touch me.” He was cracked, a shell of a man at this point, but we’re friends, so I took the lead and pulled him in. Unfortunately, I also took him down a wrong turn and added four miles and some climbing. He reminds me often. Daryl is currently out crushing the Colorado Trail Race. He’s next level folks.
Finish: Finishing any bucket list race is a great feeling. I do what feels like a massive manual over the finish line, but it looks more like I’m pulling the front wheel over a pebble, whatever. Having my family see me finish is icing on the cake. Phrase: Fuller said it best, because it’s true. Gravel Worlds is the end of summer family reunion.

#MyGravelWorlds: Bobby Thompson

When was your first Gravel Worlds? My first Gravel Worlds was in 2012. I had only been riding a bike for about a year. I gutted my way through my first Dirty Kanza 200 that year. Barely. Magically. I I took the summer mostly off and came to Lincoln, Nebraska completely unprepared. I rode 87 miles at like 10-12 mph in the soft sand and was mentally drained. I pulled into a gas station, grabbed some chicken and a beer and was picked up by my friend RobG. I had a great trip though with friends and had caught the gravel bug. I’d be back some day. I needed to some more miles under my belt. I needed to strengthen myself mentally.
What was your biggest hurdle/most difficult challenge? Everything that year. The temps started off chilly. There had been rain overnight I believe. The temps rose quickly and I was unprepared. My Speed was a mental challenge for me. I knew my friends were much faster and I didn’t want them waiting forever for me. I felt like I was disappointing them. My hydration and nutrition were horrible. I had a pop tart at one point…it was horrible on my gut. The beautiful Nebraska countryside seemed like a roller coaster of death to my new cycling legs. Even the flats were sandy and offered resistance. Hahaha…it was all beautifully awful.
What was your highest Gravel Worlds moment? 2015 was the first year I returned to Lincoln for Gravel Worlds since my 2012 attempt. Totally different experience. I simply understood Gravel cycling better. I was still slow but I was now riding for me. I was riding for my love of Gravel. I wasn’t riding just because friends were riding. I understood my limitations and I understood you have to enjoy the little things. Honestly the randomness of the Oasis and Checkpoints are always my highlights. The friendships I make along the way are highlights. Crossing that Finish Line is a highlight. Staying and eating in downtown Lincoln is a highlight. Finishing in the rain in 2015. Finishing with my friend Corey Smith in 2016. Finishing out of my mind mentally in 2017. Good times.
What is your favorite Gravel Worlds story? Wow. So many. Best single Moment? Craig finding me at the 2017 finish and giving me a hug. I had been working on getting that hug for a year. Hinting at it through social media. Craig doesn’t just dish out hugs to every rider. That was special. Craig and Corey have an amazing thing going for sure.
How did you feel when you finished? 2015. Proud. Accomplished. Relieved. 2016. Excited. Exhausted. 2017…mentally blown. Determined. I could barely think. Poor nutrition and hydration had me on fumes the final 50 miles.
15-30 minutes after EVERY Finish…I’m on top of the world. I’m the king and my castle is made of Zebra Cakes.
In one phrase, what is Gravel Worlds to you? You’re lucky. I had a paragraph typed then I saw the question again…one phrase. Easy.
Gravel Worlds to me is about friendships.

#myGravelWorlds: Tamara

When was your first Gravel Worlds?
2015 I pirated and only finished about half of the route
2016 was my first finish!
What was the biggest hurdle/most difficult challenge? Being slow 🙂 being on a bike for 16 hours can really mess with your mind. It was difficult to stay committed and to not give up. It took a lot of willpower to keep pushing forward when it would’ve been very easy to give up before the end. If I was stronger and faster I would’ve had less time to think about quitting ?
What was your highest Gravel Worlds moment?
Probably that first time we crossed the finish line. I was riding with my friend Rachel and we pushed each other to the end. It was dark and our lights were running out and we got lost right at the end so finally crossing the finish line was a huge accomplishment.
What is your favorite Gravel Worlds story? I don’t know if it’s my favorite but last year I crashed around mile 84. I went down hard and gouged a hole in my elbow (I still have a good scar there). I was bleeding profusely but there was no one around so I had to keep going. I took a rag out of my tool kit and tied it around the gash. Then I rode about 5 miles to the next checkpoint where I got cleaned up and downed a shot of whiskey. My bike wasn’t hurt and my legs still worked so I kept going and finished in 3 hours less than I did the year before.
How did you feel when you finished? Initially I felt relieved! Haha I was hungry and thirsty for beer. Even though I was exhausted and extremely ready to not be on a bike anymore I still felt so proud. I was very proud of my accomplishment and that feeling kept growing and I still am amazed that I was able to do it twice!
In one phrase, what is Gravel Worlds to you? Because of Gravel worlds I know I can keep pushing the boundaries of what I think is possible.

#mygravelworlds: Scott Sumpter

When was your first Gravel Worlds?
I think 2015. I was a late-bloomer as we have so many gravel roads in Iowa. In hindsight, I would have participated years ago! I love the event and the vibe!
What was the biggest hurdle/most difficult challenge?
the last 20 miles of 2017. It was hotter than than Satan’s house-cat. I was pushin’ a fat bike, The hills were all front-loaded and I had a puking incident near the finish (see below).
What was your highest Gravel Worlds moment?
The first year I finished. Even as a Trans Iowa finisher, the term “Gravel Worlds” is intimidating at first, but anyone with enough fitness and tenacity can finish with a smile.
What is your favorite Gravel Worlds story?
Talking with the owners at the Pickle stop. The lottery was big that week and he said he was going to buy some lottery tickets. I handed him a $20 and asked him to buy me some tickets and we’d share the winnings. He thought that was great. Good times!
How did you feel when you finished?
Depends on the year and my fitness level. In 2017 I puked 20 miles out from a mix of the heat, a Coke, a pickle and Chocolate milk. word to the wise – NEVER mix those 4 things withing a 10 mile period. All was good once I got back to the bar, ate and had one or twelve beers.
In one phrase, what is Gravel Worlds to you?
The camaraderie – Great Times with like-minded Gravel friends

#mygravelworlds: Steve Fuller

When was your first Gravel Worlds? – My first was back in 2009 when it was “just” The Good Life Gravel Adventure.
What was the biggest hurdle/most difficult challenge? – That year, the Nebraska headwinds and heat, along with deep sand in many parts of the course made for a difficult race.
What was your highest Gravel Worlds moment? – I’m never fast enough to be in the hunt for a jersey, but I was really satisfied with being able to lead some big trains of riders into the strong headwinds we had in 2016.
What is your favorite Gravel Worlds story? – In 2013, riding on Mill Road, I blew out a tire bead 75 miles into the race. My shortcut back through Lincoln used up both of my spare tubes. I walked 2 miles to the bar in Emerald where I sheepishly called race control who sent Joe Fox out to pick me up. Always have support with you.
How did you feel when you finished? – I always feel great finishing any GW. The cheers from spectators and racers, plus the opportunity for telling stories and catching up with friends makes it a great experience.
In one phrase, what is Gravel Worlds to you? – A Family Reunion.

#mygravelworlds: Venny Alub

When was your first Gravel Worlds?
August 2016. I was new to gravel riding and had less than 5 gravel rides in me. My longest ride had been a century. I really didn’t know what to expect other than what I saw from photos and videos. It looked like a crazy enough adventure for me to sign up for. To visit my home state was also a plus.
What was the biggest hurdle/most difficult challenge?
For my first Gravel Worlds we started out at guns blazing speed or so it felt. It was a rookie mistake on my part to be in the red the first several miles trying to stay up and play chase with the front groups. Once we hit the first series of rollers, I was going backwards and pedaling squares. It wasn’t until around mile 80 I had spun the lactic acid out to where my legs didn’t feel like bricks. It was an ugly long start for me, but I’m happy to have recovered and finished the last half feeling good. Navigating with 2 in. by 3 in. crumpled cue sheets was also a challenge, but I still keep them to this day as a reminder of my adventure. I learned a lot in my first year.
What was your highest Gravel Worlds moment?
Well both literally and figuratively lol, after a series of climbs near Valparaiso, I was at the top of one of the climbs and had this beautiful 360 degree view. It was the most serene landscape surrounded by rolling hills and the wind blowing through the glistening prairie grass and cornfields. For that moment I forgot about suffering and being out of breath. I just enjoyed the view. I could see the Capitol building off in the distance and I got this jolt of energy knowing that I was getting closer to the finish.
What is your favorite Gravel Worlds story?
I’d have to say my entire first Gravel Worlds experience. It’s where I got the gravel bug and started to explore my own area for gravel riding. I enjoyed the atmosphere and meeting people along the ride. The whole event kind of opened my eyes up to this other world of riding different than the racing scene I was used to. To challenge yourself, to compete against the course, the changing elements of weather and terrain, and to be around others who enjoy the same, that’s what I love most about gravel.
How did you feel when you finished?
Exhausted and accomplished. My legs felt like noodles and I laid face down in the nice grass and shade for a little while before coming to terms on what I just did and snap back to reality. I was extremely happy to see my husband who had finished as well and ready to eat.
In one phrase, what is Gravel Worlds to you?
A rollercoaster adventure through the Nebraska countryside.
Venny Alub
Nickname:  Otter, Killer V
City:  New Waverly, Texas
Hometown:  Cozad, Nebraska
Day Job:  Cantu Cycling Wheels Marketing / Photographer
Team:  Cantu Cycling Wheels
GW Bike:  Yellow Steel Frame Hans Schneider aka Bumblebee

#mygravelworlds: Joe Billesbach

My first GW was 2016…..ohhhhhhh…..the wind! But I made it! And I wasn’t last!! Biggest hurdle/challenge was the distance, and learning how to eat properly during the race. Prior to GW, a hundy was the farthest I had ever gone. Oh, and also getting bit by a dog on a training ride the week before. My thigh was black and blue and still sore come race day.
My highest moment was probably last year, when I beat my previous time by over an hour. Hope to do even better this year! But with me coming back from shoulder surgery, it might be tough.
One of my favorite stories was from my first year. Just west of Val, I was having a very tough time, with three flats, and exhaustion setting in. Another rider and myself got to the top of a hill, surprisingly to find Jennifer Hoffman with her son, sitting in their pickup. They had set up a mobile SAG, and offered us some snacks and an adult beverage! That gave me a second wind that allowed me to finish it out! It was an amazing feeling to be finished both times, but last year was the best! To have all your friends and volunteers cheering you on as you cross the finish is unbelievable!
Gravel World’s to me is THE grassroots gravel event of the year…..you get a chance to see so many friends out there racing with you. The Lincoln cycling community is so awesome!
Joe is also the organizer for the Solstice 100 Gravel Grinder. This event will be in 2 weeks on June 23rd. Get signed up and go ride on one of the longest days of the year!

Tour of Dirt Roads X!

The tenth edition of the Tour of Dirt Roads is fast approaching. This Saturday at 9 AM the ride begins from Palmyra, Nebraska.

Mother Nature has been treating Southeastern Nebraska to some much needed precipitation so we’ll update folks later this week on the roads conditions…or maybe we won’t. Who knows. Regardless bikes will be ridden. Below are resources for the ride.

Thanks to all pirates that helped make and share these route sources.

Hope to see y’all this Saturday!


#MyGravelWorlds: Ashley Frear Cooper

When was your first Gravel Worlds? :: 2011
What was the biggest hurdle/most difficult challenge? :: Finding a way to laugh and/or cry through the mental and physical pains and just keep pedaling.
What was your highest Gravel Worlds moment? :: Every moment I get to hear other riders’ stories. Even just in passing, gravel riders are willing to share a bit about themselves, why they ride, and share pep talks.
What is your favorite Gravel Worlds story? :: In 2012 my friends surprised me on the course, cheering me on from the sidelines (a cornfield near checkpoint 3). I had just passed my first 100 miles on gravel and was wearing down mentally and physically. It got me to mile 114, where I ended attempt 2.
How did you feel when you finished? :: There were a lot of emotions on my first finish in 3 attempts. Relief, pride, and desire to do it again (but with time part of my goal)!
In one phrase, what is Gravel Worlds to you? :: GW is my homecoming to Nebraska gravel, where I was first introduced to this crazy, wonderful activity and community called gravel grinding. (Note: It’s difficult to separate these two phrases now that I’ve moved away from Nebraska and experiences more gravel culture. There is something about GW that is both fundamental and authentic to my expectations for endurance gravel events in other locales. I respect how GW has grown, but still appreciate how grassroots and local feel it maintains.)

#MyGravelWorlds: Rob Evans

When was your first Gravel Worlds?
My first Gravel Worlds was in 2015 and it was a failed attempt due to a huge logistical error on my part. I’d only been riding gravel for 8 months at that point and only had one ride over 100 miles on gravel under my belt since I really didn’t ride much gravel before buying my Farley in December 2014.

What was the biggest hurdle/most difficult challenge?
Riding 150 miles, most people would probably guess that the biggest challenge would be your fitness level but it’s not, being strong mentally is what will get you through more so than hammering out 100 mile rides all the time. Fitness isn’t going to get you through the dark places that long distance gravel riding is going to take you to at times, if you can convince your mind that you can keep riding after the body says you can’t the odds of succeeding are much greater. My biggest mistake that led to my not finishing was not paying enough attention to the course and thinking we were stopping in Denton, where I planned to get some food, but the course didn’t actually go into Denton. I still managed to push myself 95 miles through sheer will power, the body started giving up around mile 60 due to lack of nutrition but I just kept telling myself that food was just up ahead so we kept going for as long as I could.
What was your highest Gravel Worlds moment?
Riding a fat bike I’m not the world’s fastest guy, not that there aren’t some super-fast folks out there on fat bikes, so my highest Gravel Worlds moments were finishing the second and third attempts. Not that finishing wasn’t a highlight in itself but the greatest part of finishing was coming across the line to all of my friends who had also rode still there waiting for me to get in; some of them having finished an hour or more before me. None of them had to do that but it was great seeing all those faces at the end.
What is your favorite Gravel Worlds story?
My favorite story or memory from Gravel Worlds is actually the first one that I didn’t finish; it was probably the greatest learning experience of any of the Gravel Worlds that I have done. As I said before, I was cooked at about mile 60 that year (it was the year with the horrible 20-25 mph winds) but I kept pushing on hoping that I could make it to Hickman and the chance for some much needed food. I never did make it to Hickman and lay down in a ditch at mile 95 and made the call to pull the plug but I remember all the folks who passed me and how encouraging they were, all of them asking if I needed anything or offering me their own food. Here is a guy on a fat bike, barely moving at 5-10 mph by that time, ranting and raving out loud about the hills, the wind, the sun, the heat or whatever else that was bothering me at that time and looking like a lunatic I’m sure. Yet all of them took a moment out of their race to see if I needed anything or to offer me food or a mini pep talk. That speaks volumes for the type of family community you’ll find in gravel racing and even though I didn’t take any of their food offers (I knew I was done already and didn’t want to jeopardize their race) the offers were very touching.

How did you feel when you finished?
Relieved more than anything else, a sense of accomplishment sinks in a bit later but at the moment that I crossed the finish line I felt thankful and relieved that I didn’t have to pedal anymore.
In one phrase, what is Gravel Worlds to you?
To me, it’s a blissful struggle. Being out there in the country, on a desolate gravel road brings me tremendous peace and joy but it’s a peace and joy that you have to pay for and earn with every pedal stroke.

Win a Lauf True Grit frameset!

Yes, you read that right. We’re giving away a Lauf True Grit frameset!
One lucky rider will win a Lauf True Grit frameset on Saturday August 18th. The drawing will be at the Gravel Worlds Awards ceremony which starts at 7 PM at SchillingBridge.
In order to be eligible to win, riders must be entered in either the 150 mile Gravel World Championship or the 75 mile Privateer Gravel Grinder and start their respective events. All riders that start their event will have their number entered into the drawing. Riders don’t need to be present at the Awards Ceremony to win.
Are you feeling lucky?

#myGravelWorlds: Sydney Brown

Your hardest Challenge with GW.
The start and the last third until ~5 miles to the finish. In particular, the heat and wind of the slog to the north on 176th ST. At this point I was alone and so very tired.
Your highest/moment of GW.
Learning I’d got the women’s win.
Your favorite GW moment.
Cresting the final hill and seeing the finish from afar.
Biggest hurdle you overcame.
Quitsies at about 2/3s of the way in. Cramping and fatigue had my inner voice occasionally mentioning that it wasn’t that important, and it wouldn’t really matter if I didn’t finish.
Feeling you had when finishing.
The doing hurts, but the having done feels AMAZING! And, now FRIES!
Sydney has also been a huge help to the planning and organizing of Gravel Worlds 2018. Thank you, Sydney for your help and dedication to make Gravel Worlds even better.

#myGravelWorlds: Carlos Torres

This week we highlight Carlos Torres. A rider from Lincoln, Nebraska.
Biggest hurdle / most difficult challenge – the last 10 miles, the sun was up in full force and the energy levels were down after riding for over 8 hrs.
Highest GW’s moment? – getting to N1st  and Alvo Rd knowing I had less than one mile left and that I was going to complete my first GW’s!
How did I feel when I finished? Really really tired and impressed I had beat my goal time. Also very accomplished to have finished ahead of riders that are stronger than me.
Gravel worlds in one phrase?  – Gravel Grinders’ must do race!

Gravel Worlds 2017 – "Food" for Thought

One of the big (BIG!) considerations in endurance events is nutrition. If you are attending this year’s event, chances are Gravel Worlds isn’t your first rodeo, ‘er, voyage. Nonetheless, we’ve all met the Man with the Hammer, and he’s not a good looking fellow. So, in the interest of avoiding him, we wanted to give you some, food for thought…



For the Privateer’s, there are no mandatory stops.

75 miles with significant elevation gain, on a Nebraska summer day, under race conditions. Can you make it on what you can carry alone? Do you risk blowing up in the interest of not stopping in order to gain ground on your competitors; or do you stop and risk over-expending your precious resources to chase, in the hopes of rejoining the group you were with? Questions that a savvy sailor ought to address prior to being on the plank and under imminent duress.

The Privateer Course sustenance options

The Privateer Course sustenance options

Some choices to consider…

Otto Pond (last year’s final Oasis), is down a gravel driveway and will be water only, maybe donuts (‘Mmmmm, donuts!). At mile 27.1 it might be a good time to refuel. You’ll have a good amount of climbing under your belt by the time you hit Valparaiso, and staggering into Val doesn’t set a pretty table for the hills that are yet to come.
Valparaiso has many options. Tvrdy’s One Stop has been a regular visit for us in most years. This year they are pulling out all the stops knowing we are weary travelers. Indoors they will have an extra cash box to speed purchases, and outside in their parking lot, the Valparaiso Boy Scouts will have sodas, water, gatorade and assorted snacks for sale, we expect that to be cash only. (Please enjoy the pretty pictures of these fine establishments at the bottom of the page).
Near mile 100k, Branched Oak Farm will have a much (MUCH!) less elaborate setup than last year. (One of the most exotic ever – homemade ice cream, cheese curds, pickles and more; serious Oasis). We expect water jugs at the gate. Again, look for those gorgeous Jersey’s (not kits, cows!) and you know you’ve found the farm.
Your last option along the route will be along the main drag in Raymond, at the Ding-A-Ling Bar. We suspect some will choose to pull the competitive plug and opt for some adult-only sustenance to celebrate the few miles that remain.

For the Official Gravel Worlds Course competitors…

the same, above-mentioned, Otto Pond and Valparaiso options for refueling are available to you. But where the routes diverge, at mile 52.4 (Privateers will head south on 31, while you big, pirate-pant wearin’ folk will continue west on A) your options change.

The Official Gravel Worlds sustenance options

The Official Gravel Worlds sustenance options

Please note, there is absolutely nothing to mandatorily stop your progress until the Reinkordt Farm Checkpoint at mile 84.9. 85 miles on a Nebraska summer day under race conditions… How, dear sailors, do you plan on arriving intact and prepared for the remaining 40{05d270b04476c8f9485c6dd0e61a926e0e249f6e748d53c612ed6d7931437a6a} of your voyage? Sure, the Reinkordt’s put out a helluva savory spread, but what happens if you hit their shores with an empty tank and an unfavorable wind?
Only you can solve this riddle. Know your limits, and be prepared with a plan. (See another Man with the Hammer).
Your next intellectual (and physical) hurdle is how to plan for 40 miles of open waters. You are not required to stop until Checkpoint 2 at mile 123.6.
An already written explanation of your remaining choices for grub and grog that exist can be found on The Courses 2017 page. In Roca, there’s the Roca Tavern and maybe Kona Ice, suffice it to say, you can likely drink more than you can eat; a snickers and a soda, maybe a beer?
In Bennet, there is a Casey’s General Store. Be careful, big parking lot, traffic, it’s along a well-traveled highway. When they say, “Famous for Pizza,” they’re not kidding; those greasy slices have saved many a sailor, many a time. Common convenience store supplies, extraordinary sensations of sugar, fat, and caffeine.
Lastly—a favorite calm in the storm—is Schmidty’s Aunt and Uncles’ place and Checkpoint 2. YOU HAVE TO STOP HERE. Pepito Fierro (Pepé) will be there with wraps and smoothies. Anything else is a bonus. But far and away, the best thing about stopping there is the friendly greeting you’ll get. So help us, if you don’t respond in kind, your days may be numbered.
That’s it kids. Have a plan. You’ve been warned.
Phillips 66, Valparaiso

Phillips 66, Valparaiso

Tvrdy's One Stop, Valparaiso

Tvrdy’s One Stop, Valparaiso

Harry's, Valparaiso

Harry’s, Valparaiso

The Val Tavern, Valparaiso

The Val Tavern, Valparaiso


2017 Winners

Colin Strickland – Open Men
Alison Tetrick – Open Women
Tim Graczyk – Single Speed Men
Sam Scipio – Single Speed Women
David Hasse – Masters Men
Karen Pritchard – Masters Women
Craig Weimer – Tandem
Aaron Wrabek – Fat Bike Men
Sarah Cooper – Fat Bike Women

Gravel Worlds 2016 Results

Overall1ROB EVANSOpen Men8:16:1418.14107
Overall2ASHTON LAMBIEOpen Men8:17:2518.09208
Overall3INNOKENTY ZAVYALOVOpen Men8:30:0417.64439
Overall4ETHAN FROESEMaster Men8:38:2017.36133
Overall5ROB BELLOpen Men8:40:1417.319
Overall6MICHAEL J. SMITHOpen Men8:40:1417.3353
Overall7TREY HARRISONMaster Men8:40:1717.3167
Overall8AUSTIN MORRISOpen Men8:41:1717.27267
Overall9ANDREW STREMPKESingle Speed Men8:49:3816.99372
Overall10BOB CUMMINGSOpen Men8:51:2916.9378
Overall11WESLEY BOYCESingle Speed Men8:53:3916.8740
Overall12HARLEY HANSONOpen Men8:59:2916.68165
Overall13DALE PINKELMANOpen Men9:04:2116.53309
Overall14NATHAN WADSWORTHOpen Men9:05:1016.51404
Overall15AARON WRABEKFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men9:08:3916.4432
Overall16BEN DOOMOpen Men9:08:4016.493
Overall17ROBB FINEGANOpen Men9:08:4116.4123
Overall18TED LOOSENOpen Men9:08:4316.4232
Overall19KAE TAKESHITAOpen Women9:09:2316.38381
Overall20MIKE MARCHANDMaster Men9:09:5316.37239
Overall21DAVID NEIDINGEROpen Men9:11:0516.33279
Overall22DAVID HAASEOpen Men9:15:4716.19160
Overall23JAYP & T-RACE PETERVARYTandem9:23:0315.98305
Overall24KRISTI MOHNTandem9:31:2915.75262
Overall25JUSTIN MITCHELOpen Men9:34:0115.682
Overall26WALTER SUMMERSOpen Men9:34:0215.68375
Overall27PAUL ERICKSONOpen Men9:36:5315.6106
Overall28DON DALYOpen Men9:36:5415.685
Overall29KRISTEN LEGANOpen Women9:38:2915.56218
Overall30JAMES GROOMSMaster Men9:38:4015.55158
Overall31DAVID PALMEROpen Men9:42:0615.46296
Overall32DAVID RANDLEMANMaster Men9:42:0815.46314
Overall33JOSHUA JOHNSONOpen Men9:44:0815.41191
Overall34MICHAEL MORGANOpen Men9:44:0915.41266
Overall35AMITY GREGGOpen Women9:44:1515.4157
Overall36JIM KOZIOLSingle Speed Men9:46:2315.35205
Overall37MARTY KILLEENOpen Men9:46:4315.34199
Overall38DUSTIN MEYEROpen Men9:48:0315.3258
Overall39LAWRENCE FITZMaster Men9:48:2415.3125
Overall40KATIE STREMPKEOpen Women9:51:4415.21373
Overall41GALEN JOHNSONOpen Men9:51:4515.21189
Overall42JAMES RASMUSSENOpen Men9:52:0315.2315
Overall43JOHN EHRENFRIEDMaster Men9:54:3315.14102
Overall44JOSH MAGIEOpen Men9:54:3515.14236
Overall45BAILEY NEWBREYTandem9:55:0815.12283
Overall46JOE KLEIDOSTYFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men9:56:5215.08200
Overall47SAM ST PIERREMaster Men9:57:5415.05363
Overall48JACOB LARSENOpen Men9:58:2815.04210
Overall49JASON BRUCEOpen Men9:59:3115.0150
Overall50ROB LIVERMOREOpen Men9:59:5715226
Overall51KEVIN COLLINGSSingle Speed Men10:00:5514.9873
Overall52KAREN PRITCHARDMaster Women10:02:2514.94311
Overall53COLLIN LITTLEOpen Men10:05:2714.87223
Overall54NICHOLAS LEGANOpen Men10:05:2814.86219
Overall55JOHN WILMETHOpen Men10:05:2814.86426
Overall56DON BUTTRAMMaster Men10:06:4914.8357
Overall57JONATHAN RUHLENOpen Men10:10:1114.75330
Overall58DUSTIN CHAMBLISSFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men10:11:1014.7364
Overall59STEPHAN BOIANOFFSingle Speed Men10:11:4314.7136
Overall60TROY CRADYSingle Speed Men10:19:0214.5477
Overall61JAMES KRAJSAOpen Men10:21:1214.49206
Overall62BRUCE ANDERSONMaster Men10:21:1914.494
Overall63SCOTT KLEINOpen Men10:22:3214.46201
Overall64CARL MARTINEZOpen Men10:26:5914.35242
Overall65ALBERT SIMONOpen Men10:27:0114.35345
Overall66MARCUS MANCINIOpen Men10:27:2514.34237
Overall67TOMASZ TOMICKIMaster Men10:27:2614.34393
Overall68STEVE CANNONFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men10:27:4714.3462
Overall69BRETT CONAWAYOpen Men10:27:4814.3475
Overall70SCOTT FADEROpen Men10:27:5914.33110
Overall71LUCAS MCALPINEMale10:28:3414.32451
Overall72ANDREW KEFFEROpen Men10:29:4014.29196
Overall73RANDY GIBSONMaster Men10:29:5614.29147
Overall74JOSH RICEOpen Men10:31:5414.24321
Overall75JAYSON O'MAHONEYOpen Men10:34:0314.19287
Overall76KERRY DUGGANMaster Men10:34:0414.1997
Overall77STEVE FULLEROpen Men10:35:1214.17135
Overall78JOSH SHEAROpen Men10:36:0814.15339
Overall79MICHAEL HENRYMaster Men10:36:3114.14171
Overall80DEXTER PHAMOpen Men10:38:1614.1306
Overall81TODD TVRDIKFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men10:44:4113.96398
Overall82BENJAMIN ONEYOpen Men10:45:1413.95288
Overall83JEFF YOUNGOpen Men10:49:5313.85436
Overall84ED OPPOpen Men10:52:3813.79290
Overall85MATT CURRYMaster Men10:53:5913.7682
Overall86JAY DOWNSMaster Men10:55:1313.7494
Overall87LUKE BRAGERSingle Speed Men10:55:1713.7344
Overall88TYLER CURTISSingle Speed Men10:55:1713.7383
Overall89MICHAEL FAIRCHILDMaster Men10:55:2013.73111
Overall90MARK ELSASSERSingle Speed Men10:56:3213.71104
Overall91MARK WALLOpen Men10:56:3413.71411
Overall92BRIAN BICKELLOpen Men10:57:4113.6824
Overall93JOHN BRUNMaster Men10:57:4213.6851
Overall94TIM LARSENOpen Men10:57:4513.68212
Overall95SCOTT KIDDOOMaster Men10:59:3313.65197
Overall96DANA ZIMMELMaster Women11:00:2813.63441
Overall97JEREMY MILESOpen Men11:03:3913.56259
Overall98ERIC BOSSALLEROpen Men11:04:2413.5538
Overall99JEFF MCCOOLOpen Men11:05:0913.53247
Overall100BOBBY THOMPSONOpen Men11:05:3313.52386
Overall101COREY SMITHOpen Men11:05:3413.52351
Overall102GLENN EYLERMaster Men11:06:4113.5109
Overall103CINDY ARIASMaster Women11:06:5513.57
Overall104JOEL JOHNSONOpen Men11:09:1913.45190
Overall105BEN STARK-SACHSSingle Speed Men11:10:0113.43366
Overall106WILLIAM GRAVESSingle Speed Men11:10:1513.43154
Overall107LOGAN ORCUTTOpen Men11:11:4113.4291
Overall108ROBERT ELLISMaster Men11:12:1313.39103
Overall109MARTY REGANMaster Men11:13:3013.36318
Overall110SUZ FALVEYFatbike/Cargo/Rec Women11:19:0613.25112
Overall111ADDISON KILLEENOpen Men11:23:2113.17198
Overall112RUSSELL PARDEOpen Men11:23:2113.17297
Overall113TONY BLACKMaster Men11:23:2113.1727
Overall114BRAD ZNAMENACEKOpen Men11:23:2113.17442
Overall115JOE STILLERTandem11:25:5513.12371
Overall116SCOTT SUMPTEROpen Men11:25:5513.12376
Overall117JEFF MAASSENOpen Men11:30:4913.03235
Overall118JOSEPH PERRYOpen Men11:30:5013.03302
Overall119ROGER WILLIAMSMaster Men11:30:5013.03422
Overall120JAMIE HENNINGSONOpen Women11:30:5013.03169
Overall121THOMAS HUBEROpen Men11:30:5113.03177
Overall122JOHN MATHIASMaster Men11:31:0213.02244
Overall123JB BARNHOUSEFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men11:31:2313.0212
Overall124BARRY MEITLEROpen Men11:31:3013.02257
Overall125ANTHONY BEESONOpen Men11:32:3712.9917
Overall126MICHAEL MCGINNOpen Men11:35:3812.94249
Overall127CHUCK FRITZMaster Men11:35:3912.94132
Overall128WARRAN WIEBESingle Speed Men11:37:2012.91421
Overall129WADE WIEBESingle Speed Men11:37:2012.91420
Overall130JACOB SPATHOpen Men11:37:2412.91360
Overall131CHRIS FARNEYOpen Men11:38:2812.89115
Overall132COPPLE JANINEMaster Women11:41:3312.83185
Overall133JAMES BLAKEOpen Men11:42:4412.8128
Overall134GABRIELLE SHELTONSingle Speed Women11:43:3312.79340
Overall135VENNY ALUBOpen Women11:43:3412.793
Overall136JIM CUMMINSMaster Men11:47:4312.7279
Overall137JOE PAHRMaster Men11:47:5512.71295
Overall138MATT STEELESingle Speed Men11:48:1512.71367
Overall139ERIC REBEROpen Men11:52:4412.63316
Overall140CHRIS BURGEROpen Men11:55:5612.5754
Overall141GEORGE WILLIAMSONOpen Men11:59:2912.51423
Overall142JAMES BLEAKLEYFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men12:01:2512.4830
Overall143SCOTT MCDONOUGHSingle Speed Men12:01:2712.47248
Overall144LANE BERGENOpen Men12:01:3012.4722
Overall145DAVID MARKMANOpen Men12:03:2112.44241
Overall146JAYME FRYEOpen Men12:04:0712.43134
Overall147SARAH JANIAKOpen Women12:09:2812.34184
Overall148JEFF BLOOMMaster Men12:12:2112.2932
Overall149BRIAN TODDMaster Men12:12:2212.29392
Overall150ROBERT BENTONOpen Men12:16:1212.2220
Overall151ANN RINGLEINMaster Women12:16:1412.22324
Overall152JOSH LEDERMANMaster Men12:21:4512.13216
Overall153J. D. BURTONOpen Men12:22:1712.1256
Overall154JAMES GROSSOpen Men12:25:0512.08159
Overall155DAN GADBERYMaster Men12:25:0612.08136
Overall156LUKE MEDUNAFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men12:27:4312.04256
Overall157MATTHEW FETZEROpen Men12:30:1412121
Overall158SETH WOODSingle Speed Men12:30:1612431
Overall159NICK PASCHALOpen Men12:31:1311.98298
Overall160HAYDEN WYLIEOpen Men12:35:3911.91433
Overall161KIRK HUTSONOpen Men12:36:1211.9181
Overall162PETER WELSCHOpen Men12:38:2611.87415
Overall163ERIC WENDTOpen Men12:38:2811.87416
Overall164JEFF ECKERTOpen Men12:40:5911.8399
Overall165TOM ORROpen Men12:42:3211.8292
Overall166MELANIE BATEMANMaster Women12:43:4811.7814
Overall167BRIAN SMITHMaster Men12:43:5411.78350
Overall168JENNIFER CLARKMaster Women12:45:1611.7668
Overall169MAJORIE MULLEROpen Women12:45:1611.76273
Overall170BRUCE CURRINMaster Men12:45:1811.7681
Overall171NATHAN LEFEVEROpen Men12:45:2411.76217
Overall172DUSTAN SHEPHERDMaster Men12:49:0611.7341
Overall173BRUCE SANDAHLMaster Men12:49:0611.7332
Overall174JONATHAN GRAIFOpen Men12:50:2911.68152
Overall175JAMES PHILLIPSOpen Men12:50:3211.68307
Overall176JAMIE WYNNEOpen Men12:50:3211.68434
Overall177AARON CARNESOpen Men12:50:3611.6863
Overall178JOE BILLESBACHMaster Men12:52:0311.6626
Overall179JESPER NORDENGAARDOpen Men12:54:1211.62284
Overall180KRISTEN WADEOpen Women12:54:1411.62403
Overall181LAWRENCE DREYFUSMaster Men12:54:1411.6296
Overall182PAMELA LIONBERGERMaster Women12:54:1411.62221
Overall183EDWARD BALDERSONMaster Men12:54:1711.6211
Overall184JONATHAN TRAUGHBEROpen Men13:01:5411.51394
Overall185MICHELE SMITHJONESMaster Women13:01:5511.51357
Overall186KRISSY YOUNGFatbike/Cargo/Rec Women13:01:5611.51437
Overall187ERIC FASSNACHTOpen Men13:01:5711.51116
Overall188DYLAN WALLOpen Men13:09:2411.4410
Overall189DANA WALLOpen Men13:09:2511.4408
Overall190MARTIN BUNGEMaster Men13:12:2411.3653
Overall191DAVID CLEASBYOpen Men13:14:0511.3370
Overall192MICHELLE CLEASBYMaster Women13:14:0511.3371
Overall193DEREK HENRYOpen Men13:17:2911.29170
Overall194SHAE CALDWELLTandem13:17:3111.2959
Overall195JEFF CALDWELLTandem13:17:3111.2958
Overall196LOU RICHEYMaster Women13:18:1111.28322
Overall197PELL DUVALLOpen Men13:19:1411.2698
Overall198DREW TEN BENSELSingle Speed Men13:22:2011.22383
Overall199COREY HILLIARDSingle Speed Men13:22:2011.22174
Overall200RENEE HAHNEMaster Women13:22:2111.22162
Overall201PETE LIRAMaster Men13:23:4411.2222
Overall202BEN FISCHEROpen Men13:23:5411.2124
Overall203PAUL GEBERSOpen Men13:23:5611.19142
Overall204JOHN PORTERMaster Men13:24:3211.19310
Overall205DAVID QUADEOpen Men13:25:0711.18312
Overall206KEN SNYDERMaster Men13:25:2711.17358
Overall207MATT WILLSSingle Speed Men13:26:1811.16424
Overall208KYLE HANSENOpen Men13:26:1811.16163
Overall209RYAN ALBERTSONSingle Speed Men13:26:2011.161
Overall210TYLER NEALOpen Men13:27:0911.15277
Overall211JAMIE GRANQUISTFatbike/Cargo/Rec Women13:30:5611.1153
Overall212QUINCY SIMONOpen Men13:41:5510.95346
Overall213ROB L EVANSFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men13:44:2010.92108
Overall214TOM VOLKMaster Men13:49:2110.85401
Overall215TOM MARKLANDMaster Men13:49:2110.85240
Overall216ANDY DRAKEOpen Men13:49:5210.8595
Overall217MARK CHAPINOpen Men13:51:0310.8365
Overall218GUITAR TEDMaster Men13:54:1310.79382
Overall219ANTHONY MCGRANEMaster Men13:54:1410.79251
Overall220JACOB ROYOpen Men13:54:5210.78328
Overall221MICHAEL MYERSMaster Men13:54:5910.78275
Overall222SMITTY SMITHOpen Men13:56:1710.76356
Overall223DUSTIN BERRYOpen Men13:57:5510.7423
Overall224ALEXANDER HEGEMAN-DAVISOpen Men13:58:3610.73168
Overall225CONNOR RAMSEYOpen Men13:58:3610.73313
Overall226KIPP LANNINGOpen Men13:59:0310.73209
Overall227GARY BREDEHOFTMaster Men13:59:0610.7348
Overall228FRANK WALECKI JROpen Men14:00:5110.7406
Overall229ED GERLACHOpen Men14:01:5910.69145
Overall230SARAH FLAUDINGOpen Women14:02:0810.69126
Overall231BENJAMIN TURNEROpen Men14:04:5510.65397
Overall232MICHAEL NEBELOpen Men14:07:1410.62278
Overall233KELLY SODENOpen Men14:07:1410.62359
Overall234ERIK PETERSENOpen Men14:10:4210.58304
Overall235JEFF PABIANMaster Men14:13:1010.55294
Overall236BARB BOHATYMaster Women14:14:4710.5335
Overall237DELAN LONOWSKISingle Speed Men14:40:0410.23231
Overall238MICHAEL BLESSINGOpen Men14:42:3710.231
Overall238BILL DINGEROpen Men14:42:3710.290
Overall240SCOTT REDDOpen Men14:43:2310.19317
Overall241JAMES FOXOpen Men14:45:2310.17130
Overall242NOE GARCIAFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men14:47:5210.14139
Overall243PATRICK EDMONSTONEOpen Men14:50:5610.1101
Overall244CHRIS PETERSFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men14:53:5910.07303
Overall245REESE THOMPSONOpen Men15:00:0710390
Overall246CHRISTIANE LEYOpen Women15:07:449.91220
Overall247FRANK OLSONMaster Men15:07:499.91286
Overall248SCOTT SMITHOpen Men15:07:589.91355
Overall249BRIAN WATERSFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men15:07:599.91413
Overall250TIMMY ANDERSONOpen Men15:11:169.885
Overall251STEVEN HURLESSMaster Men15:13:219.85180
Overall252TERRY JONESFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men15:24:429.73193
Overall253ART MORALESOpen Men15:37:549.6264
Overall254SHELLI SHIPPSMaster Women15:44:489.53342
Overall255OWEN CLEASBYOpen Men15:48:149.4969
Overall256TAMARA VIGILOpen Women16:04:249.33400
Overall257RACHEL GEHRINGER-WIAROpen Women16:04:269.33143
Overall258LOUIS WILLYANTINOOpen Men16:19:059.19425
Overall259RICHARD SIERZPUTOWSKIOpen Men16:19:059.19344
Overall260GREG ROSENBOOMMaster Men16:20:509.18326
Overall261LISA JANSSENMaster Women16:20:519.18186
Overall262BRETT STEVENSFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men16:28:349.1369
Overall263EARL BURNSFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men16:42:008.9855
Fatbike/Cargo/Rec Men1AARON WRABEKFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men9:08:3916.4432
Fatbike/Cargo/Rec Men2JOE KLEIDOSTYFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men9:56:5215.08200
Fatbike/Cargo/Rec Men3DUSTIN CHAMBLISSFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men10:11:1014.7364
Fatbike/Cargo/Rec Men4STEVE CANNONFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men10:27:4714.3462
Fatbike/Cargo/Rec Men5TODD TVRDIKFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men10:44:4113.96398
Fatbike/Cargo/Rec Men6JB BARNHOUSEFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men11:31:2313.0212
Fatbike/Cargo/Rec Men7JAMES BLEAKLEYFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men12:01:2512.4830
Fatbike/Cargo/Rec Men8LUKE MEDUNAFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men12:27:4312.04256
Fatbike/Cargo/Rec Men9ROB L EVANSFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men13:44:2010.92108
Fatbike/Cargo/Rec Men10NOE GARCIAFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men14:47:5210.14139
Fatbike/Cargo/Rec Men11CHRIS PETERSFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men14:53:5910.07303
Fatbike/Cargo/Rec Men12BRIAN WATERSFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men15:07:599.91413
Fatbike/Cargo/Rec Men13TERRY JONESFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men15:24:429.73193
Fatbike/Cargo/Rec Men14BRETT STEVENSFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men16:28:349.1369
Fatbike/Cargo/Rec Men15EARL BURNSFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men16:42:008.9855
Fatbike/Cargo/Rec Women1SUZ FALVEYFatbike/Cargo/Rec Women11:19:0613.25112
Fatbike/Cargo/Rec Women2KRISSY YOUNGFatbike/Cargo/Rec Women13:01:5611.51437
Fatbike/Cargo/Rec Women3JAMIE GRANQUISTFatbike/Cargo/Rec Women13:30:5611.1153
Master Men1ETHAN FROESEMaster Men8:38:2017.36133
Master Men2TREY HARRISONMaster Men8:40:1717.3167
Master Men3MIKE MARCHANDMaster Men9:09:5316.37239
Master Men4JAMES GROOMSMaster Men9:38:4015.55158
Master Men5DAVID RANDLEMANMaster Men9:42:0815.46314
Master Men6LAWRENCE FITZMaster Men9:48:2415.3125
Master Men7JOHN EHRENFRIEDMaster Men9:54:3315.14102
Master Men8SAM ST PIERREMaster Men9:57:5415.05363
Master Men9DON BUTTRAMMaster Men10:06:4914.8357
Master Men10BRUCE ANDERSONMaster Men10:21:1914.494
Master Men11TOMASZ TOMICKIMaster Men10:27:2614.34393
Master Men12RANDY GIBSONMaster Men10:29:5614.29147
Master Men13KERRY DUGGANMaster Men10:34:0414.1997
Master Men14MICHAEL HENRYMaster Men10:36:3114.14171
Master Men15MATT CURRYMaster Men10:53:5913.7682
Master Men16JAY DOWNSMaster Men10:55:1313.7494
Master Men17MICHAEL FAIRCHILDMaster Men10:55:2013.73111
Master Men18JOHN BRUNMaster Men10:57:4213.6851
Master Men19SCOTT KIDDOOMaster Men10:59:3313.65197
Master Men20GLENN EYLERMaster Men11:06:4113.5109
Master Men21ROBERT ELLISMaster Men11:12:1313.39103
Master Men22MARTY REGANMaster Men11:13:3013.36318
Master Men23TONY BLACKMaster Men11:23:2113.1727
Master Men24ROGER WILLIAMSMaster Men11:30:5013.03422
Master Men25JOHN MATHIASMaster Men11:31:0213.02244
Master Men26CHUCK FRITZMaster Men11:35:3912.94132
Master Men27JIM CUMMINSMaster Men11:47:4312.7279
Master Men28JOE PAHRMaster Men11:47:5512.71295
Master Men29JEFF BLOOMMaster Men12:12:2112.2932
Master Men30BRIAN TODDMaster Men12:12:2212.29392
Master Men31JOSH LEDERMANMaster Men12:21:4512.13216
Master Men32DAN GADBERYMaster Men12:25:0612.08136
Master Men33BRIAN SMITHMaster Men12:43:5411.78350
Master Men34BRUCE CURRINMaster Men12:45:1811.7681
Master Men35DUSTAN SHEPHERDMaster Men12:49:0611.7341
Master Men36BRUCE SANDAHLMaster Men12:49:0611.7332
Master Men37JOE BILLESBACHMaster Men12:52:0311.6626
Master Men38LAWRENCE DREYFUSMaster Men12:54:1411.6296
Master Men39EDWARD BALDERSONMaster Men12:54:1711.6211
Master Men40MARTIN BUNGEMaster Men13:12:2411.3653
Master Men41PETE LIRAMaster Men13:23:4411.2222
Master Men42JOHN PORTERMaster Men13:24:3211.19310
Master Men43KEN SNYDERMaster Men13:25:2711.17358
Master Men44TOM VOLKMaster Men13:49:2110.85401
Master Men45TOM MARKLANDMaster Men13:49:2110.85240
Master Men46GUITAR TEDMaster Men13:54:1310.79382
Master Men47ANTHONY MCGRANEMaster Men13:54:1410.79251
Master Men48MICHAEL MYERSMaster Men13:54:5910.78275
Master Men49GARY BREDEHOFTMaster Men13:59:0610.7348
Master Men50JEFF PABIANMaster Men14:13:1010.55294
Master Men51FRANK OLSONMaster Men15:07:499.91286
Master Men52STEVEN HURLESSMaster Men15:13:219.85180
Master Men53GREG ROSENBOOMMaster Men16:20:509.18326
Master Women1KAREN PRITCHARDMaster Women10:02:2514.94311
Master Women2DANA ZIMMELMaster Women11:00:2813.63441
Master Women3CINDY ARIASMaster Women11:06:5513.57
Master Women4COPPLE JANINEMaster Women11:41:3312.83185
Master Women5ANN RINGLEINMaster Women12:16:1412.22324
Master Women6MELANIE BATEMANMaster Women12:43:4811.7814
Master Women7JENNIFER CLARKMaster Women12:45:1611.7668
Master Women8PAMELA LIONBERGERMaster Women12:54:1411.62221
Master Women9MICHELE SMITHJONESMaster Women13:01:5511.51357
Master Women10MICHELLE CLEASBYMaster Women13:14:0511.3371
Master Women11LOU RICHEYMaster Women13:18:1111.28322
Master Women12RENEE HAHNEMaster Women13:22:2111.22162
Master Women13BARB BOHATYMaster Women14:14:4710.5335
Master Women14SHELLI SHIPPSMaster Women15:44:489.53342
Master Women15LISA JANSSENMaster Women16:20:519.18186
Open Men1ROB EVANSOpen Men8:16:1418.14107
Open Men2ASHTON LAMBIEOpen Men8:17:2518.09208
Open Men3INNOKENTY ZAVYALOVOpen Men8:30:0417.64439
Open Men4ROB BELLOpen Men8:40:1417.319
Open Men5MICHAEL J. SMITHOpen Men8:40:1417.3353
Open Men6AUSTIN MORRISOpen Men8:41:1717.27267
Open Men7BOB CUMMINGSOpen Men8:51:2916.9378
Open Men8HARLEY HANSONOpen Men8:59:2916.68165
Open Men9DALE PINKELMANOpen Men9:04:2116.53309
Open Men10NATHAN WADSWORTHOpen Men9:05:1016.51404
Open Men11BEN DOOMOpen Men9:08:4016.493
Open Men12ROBB FINEGANOpen Men9:08:4116.4123
Open Men13TED LOOSENOpen Men9:08:4316.4232
Open Men14DAVID NEIDINGEROpen Men9:11:0516.33279
Open Men15DAVID HAASEOpen Men9:15:4716.19160
Open Men16JUSTIN MITCHELOpen Men9:34:0115.682
Open Men17WALTER SUMMERSOpen Men9:34:0215.68375
Open Men18PAUL ERICKSONOpen Men9:36:5315.6106
Open Men19DON DALYOpen Men9:36:5415.685
Open Men20DAVID PALMEROpen Men9:42:0615.46296
Open Men21JOSHUA JOHNSONOpen Men9:44:0815.41191
Open Men22MICHAEL MORGANOpen Men9:44:0915.41266
Open Men23MARTY KILLEENOpen Men9:46:4315.34199
Open Men24DUSTIN MEYEROpen Men9:48:0315.3258
Open Men25GALEN JOHNSONOpen Men9:51:4515.21189
Open Men26JAMES RASMUSSENOpen Men9:52:0315.2315
Open Men27JOSH MAGIEOpen Men9:54:3515.14236
Open Men28JACOB LARSENOpen Men9:58:2815.04210
Open Men29JASON BRUCEOpen Men9:59:3115.0150
Open Men30ROB LIVERMOREOpen Men9:59:5715226
Open Men31COLLIN LITTLEOpen Men10:05:2714.87223
Open Men32NICHOLAS LEGANOpen Men10:05:2814.86219
Open Men33JOHN WILMETHOpen Men10:05:2814.86426
Open Men34JONATHAN RUHLENOpen Men10:10:1114.75330
Open Men35JAMES KRAJSAOpen Men10:21:1214.49206
Open Men36SCOTT KLEINOpen Men10:22:3214.46201
Open Men37CARL MARTINEZOpen Men10:26:5914.35242
Open Men38ALBERT SIMONOpen Men10:27:0114.35345
Open Men39MARCUS MANCINIOpen Men10:27:2514.34237
Open Men40BRETT CONAWAYOpen Men10:27:4814.3475
Open Men41SCOTT FADEROpen Men10:27:5914.33110
Open Men42LUCAS MCALPINEOpen Men10:28:3414.32451
Open Men43ANDREW KEFFEROpen Men10:29:4014.29196
Open Men44JOSH RICEOpen Men10:31:5414.24321
Open Men45JAYSON O'MAHONEYOpen Men10:34:0314.19287
Open Men46STEVE FULLEROpen Men10:35:1214.17135
Open Men47JOSH SHEAROpen Men10:36:0814.15339
Open Men48DEXTER PHAMOpen Men10:38:1614.1306
Open Men49BENJAMIN ONEYOpen Men10:45:1413.95288
Open Men50JEFF YOUNGOpen Men10:49:5313.85436
Open Men51ED OPPOpen Men10:52:3813.79290
Open Men52MARK WALLOpen Men10:56:3413.71411
Open Men53BRIAN BICKELLOpen Men10:57:4113.6824
Open Men54TIM LARSENOpen Men10:57:4513.68212
Open Men55JEREMY MILESOpen Men11:03:3913.56259
Open Men56ERIC BOSSALLEROpen Men11:04:2413.5538
Open Men57JEFF MCCOOLOpen Men11:05:0913.53247
Open Men58BOBBY THOMPSONOpen Men11:05:3313.52386
Open Men59COREY SMITHOpen Men11:05:3413.52351
Open Men60JOEL JOHNSONOpen Men11:09:1913.45190
Open Men61LOGAN ORCUTTOpen Men11:11:4113.4291
Open Men62ADDISON KILLEENOpen Men11:23:2113.17198
Open Men63RUSSELL PARDEOpen Men11:23:2113.17297
Open Men64BRAD ZNAMENACEKOpen Men11:23:2113.17442
Open Men65SCOTT SUMPTEROpen Men11:25:5513.12376
Open Men66JEFF MAASSENOpen Men11:30:4913.03235
Open Men67JOSEPH PERRYOpen Men11:30:5013.03302
Open Men68THOMAS HUBEROpen Men11:30:5113.03177
Open Men69BARRY MEITLEROpen Men11:31:3013.02257
Open Men70ANTHONY BEESONOpen Men11:32:3712.9917
Open Men71MICHAEL MCGINNOpen Men11:35:3812.94249
Open Men72JACOB SPATHOpen Men11:37:2412.91360
Open Men73CHRIS FARNEYOpen Men11:38:2812.89115
Open Men74JAMES BLAKEOpen Men11:42:4412.8128
Open Men75ERIC REBEROpen Men11:52:4412.63316
Open Men76CHRIS BURGEROpen Men11:55:5612.5754
Open Men77GEORGE WILLIAMSONOpen Men11:59:2912.51423
Open Men78LANE BERGENOpen Men12:01:3012.4722
Open Men79DAVID MARKMANOpen Men12:03:2112.44241
Open Men80JAYME FRYEOpen Men12:04:0712.43134
Open Men81ROBERT BENTONOpen Men12:16:1212.2220
Open Men82J. D. BURTONOpen Men12:22:1712.1256
Open Men83JAMES GROSSOpen Men12:25:0512.08159
Open Men84MATTHEW FETZEROpen Men12:30:1412121
Open Men85NICK PASCHALOpen Men12:31:1311.98298
Open Men86HAYDEN WYLIEOpen Men12:35:3911.91433
Open Men87KIRK HUTSONOpen Men12:36:1211.9181
Open Men88PETER WELSCHOpen Men12:38:2611.87415
Open Men89ERIC WENDTOpen Men12:38:2811.87416
Open Men90JEFF ECKERTOpen Men12:40:5911.8399
Open Men91TOM ORROpen Men12:42:3211.8292
Open Men92NATHAN LEFEVEROpen Men12:45:2411.76217
Open Men93JONATHAN GRAIFOpen Men12:50:2911.68152
Open Men94JAMES PHILLIPSOpen Men12:50:3211.68307
Open Men95JAMIE WYNNEOpen Men12:50:3211.68434
Open Men96AARON CARNESOpen Men12:50:3611.6863
Open Men97JESPER NORDENGAARDOpen Men12:54:1211.62284
Open Men98JONATHAN TRAUGHBEROpen Men13:01:5411.51394
Open Men99ERIC FASSNACHTOpen Men13:01:5711.51116
Open Men100DYLAN WALLOpen Men13:09:2411.4410
Open Men101DANA WALLOpen Men13:09:2511.4408
Open Men102DAVID CLEASBYOpen Men13:14:0511.3370
Open Men103DEREK HENRYOpen Men13:17:2911.29170
Open Men104PELL DUVALLOpen Men13:19:1411.2698
Open Men105BEN FISCHEROpen Men13:23:5411.2124
Open Men106PAUL GEBERSOpen Men13:23:5611.19142
Open Men107DAVID QUADEOpen Men13:25:0711.18312
Open Men108KYLE HANSENOpen Men13:26:1811.16163
Open Men109TYLER NEALOpen Men13:27:0911.15277
Open Men110QUINCY SIMONOpen Men13:41:5510.95346
Open Men111ANDY DRAKEOpen Men13:49:5210.8595
Open Men112MARK CHAPINOpen Men13:51:0310.8365
Open Men113JACOB ROYOpen Men13:54:5210.78328
Open Men114SMITTY SMITHOpen Men13:56:1710.76356
Open Men115DUSTIN BERRYOpen Men13:57:5510.7423
Open Men116ALEXANDER HEGEMAN-DAVISOpen Men13:58:3610.73168
Open Men117CONNOR RAMSEYOpen Men13:58:3610.73313
Open Men118KIPP LANNINGOpen Men13:59:0310.73209
Open Men119FRANK WALECKI JROpen Men14:00:5110.7406
Open Men120ED GERLACHOpen Men14:01:5910.69145
Open Men121BENJAMIN TURNEROpen Men14:04:5510.65397
Open Men122MICHAEL NEBELOpen Men14:07:1410.62278
Open Men123KELLY SODENOpen Men14:07:1410.62359
Open Men124ERIK PETERSENOpen Men14:10:4210.58304
Open Men125BILL DINGEROpen Men14:42:3710.290
Open Men125MICHAEL BLESSINGOpen Men14:42:3710.231
Open Men127SCOTT REDDOpen Men14:43:2310.19317
Open Men128JAMES FOXOpen Men14:45:2310.17130
Open Men129PATRICK EDMONSTONEOpen Men14:50:5610.1101
Open Men130REESE THOMPSONOpen Men15:00:0710390
Open Men131SCOTT SMITHOpen Men15:07:589.91355
Open Men1332TIMMY ANDERSONOpen Men15:11:169.885
Open Men133ART MORALESOpen Men15:37:549.6264
Open Men134OWEN CLEASBYOpen Men15:48:149.4969
Open Men135LOUIS WILLYANTINOOpen Men16:19:059.19425
Open Men135RICHARD SIERZPUTOWSKIOpen Men16:19:059.19344
Open Women1KAE TAKESHITAOpen Women9:09:2316.38381
Open Women2KRISTEN LEGANOpen Women9:38:2915.56218
Open Women3AMITY GREGGOpen Women9:44:1515.4157
Open Women4KATIE STREMPKEOpen Women9:51:4415.21373
Open Women5JAMIE HENNINGSONOpen Women11:30:5013.03169
Open Women6VENNY ALUBOpen Women11:43:3412.793
Open Women7SARAH JANIAKOpen Women12:09:2812.34184
Open Women8MAJORIE MULLEROpen Women12:45:1611.76273
Open Women9KRISTEN WADEOpen Women12:54:1411.62403
Open Women10SARAH FLAUDINGOpen Women14:02:0810.69126
Open Women11CHRISTIANE LEYOpen Women15:07:449.91220
Open Women12TAMARA VIGILOpen Women16:04:249.33400
Open Women13RACHEL GEHRINGER-WIAROpen Women16:04:269.33143
Single Speed Men1ANDREW STREMPKESingle Speed Men8:49:3816.99372
Single Speed Men2WESLEY BOYCESingle Speed Men8:53:3916.8740
Single Speed Men3JIM KOZIOLSingle Speed Men9:46:2315.35205
Single Speed Men4KEVIN COLLINGSSingle Speed Men10:00:5514.9873
Single Speed Men5STEPHAN BOIANOFFSingle Speed Men10:11:4314.7136
Single Speed Men6TROY CRADYSingle Speed Men10:19:0214.5477
Single Speed Men7LUKE BRAGERSingle Speed Men10:55:1713.7344
Single Speed Men8TYLER CURTISSingle Speed Men10:55:1713.7383
Single Speed Men9MARK ELSASSERSingle Speed Men10:56:3213.71104
Single Speed Men10BEN STARK-SACHSSingle Speed Men11:10:0113.43366
Single Speed Men11WILLIAM GRAVESSingle Speed Men11:10:1513.43154
Single Speed Men12WARRAN WIEBESingle Speed Men11:37:2012.91421
Single Speed Men13WADE WIEBESingle Speed Men11:37:2012.91420
Single Speed Men14MATT STEELESingle Speed Men11:48:1512.71367
Single Speed Men15SCOTT MCDONOUGHSingle Speed Men12:01:2712.47248
Single Speed Men16SETH WOODSingle Speed Men12:30:1612431
Single Speed Men17DREW TEN BENSELSingle Speed Men13:22:2011.22383
Single Speed Men18COREY HILLIARDSingle Speed Men13:22:2011.22174
Single Speed Men19MATT WILLSSingle Speed Men13:26:1811.16424
Single Speed Men20RYAN ALBERTSONSingle Speed Men13:26:2011.161
Single Speed Men21DELAN LONOWSKISingle Speed Men14:40:0410.23231
Single Speed Women1GABRIELLE SHELTONSingle Speed Women11:43:3312.79340
Tandem1JAYP & T-RACE PETERVARYTandem9:23:0315.98305
Tandem2KRISTI MOHNTandem9:31:2915.75262
Tandem3BAILEY NEWBREYTandem9:55:0815.12283
Tandem4JOE STILLERTandem11:25:5513.12371
Tandem5SHAE CALDWELLTandem13:17:3111.2959
Tandem6JEFF CALDWELLTandem13:17:3111.2958

Results 2016 – 150

Gravel Worlds 2016 Results

Intervals to Prepare for Your Next Gravel Grinder

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By: Zack Allison, BSEd Source Endurance, Senior Consultant

Gravel riding and gravel racing is a unique cycling venture. With long durations like road racing but equipment similar to cyclocross, training for gravel races is different from other styles of events. By applying the same principles that guide us through all aspects of coaching- specificity and overload- we can design new workouts specific to gravel cycling to make you a faster rider.

One of the things that makes gravel riding different is cadence and strength. On gravel roads of any kind you will find that the rolling resistance is greater. You feel more bogged down on gravel roads as your tires must roll over the bumps or through the loose gravel. This can cause a rider to feel bogged down in their cadence. When this happens over time, your core and back start to fatigue first, then your cadence gets slower and slower as your muscles start to fatigue and eventually you are just going slow. When putting together a gravel specific workout we will want to take this into account more than with road cycling where cadence choice is usually not dictated by the road surface.

Gravel Graph

The specific example above is a mixed road and gravel ride where the middle section is gravel and takes up about half the ride time. The yellow line is cadence and the green line is miles per hour. You can see a distinct difference in cadence between the paved and gravel sections. By just quickly applying a rough line of best fit we can see that although it’s not always necessary, we tend to use a lower cadence on gravel segments for stability on the bike and ride feel. www.source-e.net inquire@source-e.net 877.729.0911

Threshold training. This comes up in every single aspect of cycling. If you have a high aerobic capacity and high lactate threshold power, you will be pretty hard to drop. Most gravel races on the gravel cycling calendar and most of your local events will have significant road portions with gravel segments throughout. The demands are similar metabolically to other cycling events so when we start to build our gravel workout we will take this into account and focus on threshold power training.

Now that we have a few major parts of the picture of how gravel cycling events differ from other cycling events, we can start to make a gravel cycling specific workout to make you faster for it. The workout plan below is one interval day that would be suitable for an athlete looking to improve their gravel riding. This workout alone may not set you up to win your local gravel race or ride but it’s a place to start. The workout is meant to be supplemented with other interval workouts, core workouts, and endurance riding. Make sure to talk to your coach about what your goals are, whether it’s gravel grinder specific or something else. This workout is written as a percentage of FTP so you can do a bit of math and apply this workout based on your Functional Threshold Power or Heart Rate.

Always warm up well before intervals!

Step 1: Warm up 20-30 minute endurance pace, 60-80{05d270b04476c8f9485c6dd0e61a926e0e249f6e748d53c612ed6d7931437a6a} of FTP

Step 2: 10 minutes Subthreshold Big Gear, 85-95{05d270b04476c8f9485c6dd0e61a926e0e249f6e748d53c612ed6d7931437a6a} FTP 50-65 RPM

Step 3: Rest, 5 minutes 45-60{05d270b04476c8f9485c6dd0e61a926e0e249f6e748d53c612ed6d7931437a6a} FTP easy spinning

Step 4: 10 minutes Subthreshold Big Gear, 85-95{05d270b04476c8f9485c6dd0e61a926e0e249f6e748d53c612ed6d7931437a6a} FTP 50-60RPM

Step 5: Rest, 5 minutes 45-60{05d270b04476c8f9485c6dd0e61a926e0e249f6e748d53c612ed6d7931437a6a} FTP easy spinning

Step 6: 4 minutes threshold 100{05d270b04476c8f9485c6dd0e61a926e0e249f6e748d53c612ed6d7931437a6a} FTP ( any cadence)

Step 7: Rest 1 minute 45-60{05d270b04476c8f9485c6dd0e61a926e0e249f6e748d53c612ed6d7931437a6a} FTP easy spinning

Step 8: 4 minutes threshold 100{05d270b04476c8f9485c6dd0e61a926e0e249f6e748d53c612ed6d7931437a6a} FTP ( any cadence)

Step 9: Rest 1 minute 45-60{05d270b04476c8f9485c6dd0e61a926e0e249f6e748d53c612ed6d7931437a6a} FTP easy spinning

Step 10: 4 minutes threshold 100{05d270b04476c8f9485c6dd0e61a926e0e249f6e748d53c612ed6d7931437a6a} FTP ( any cadence) www.source-e.net inquire@source-e.net 877.729.0911

Step 11: Rest 1 minute 45-60{05d270b04476c8f9485c6dd0e61a926e0e249f6e748d53c612ed6d7931437a6a} FTP easy spinning

Step 12: 4 minutes threshold 100{05d270b04476c8f9485c6dd0e61a926e0e249f6e748d53c612ed6d7931437a6a} FTP ( any cadence)

Step 13: Rest 1 minute 45-60{05d270b04476c8f9485c6dd0e61a926e0e249f6e748d53c612ed6d7931437a6a} FTP easy spinning

Step 14: 4 minutes threshold 100{05d270b04476c8f9485c6dd0e61a926e0e249f6e748d53c612ed6d7931437a6a} FTP ( any cadence)

Step 15: Rest 1 minute 45-60{05d270b04476c8f9485c6dd0e61a926e0e249f6e748d53c612ed6d7931437a6a} FTP easy spinning

Roll home or continue at endurance pace for extra miles. The 10 minute intervals could be a bit easier if you have a longer section of climbing in your region or on a gravel road.

Zack AllisonZack Allison’s affinity for cycling started when he was 14 racing on the East Coast and his enjoyment of the sport lead him to pursue his BSEd in Exercise Science from Colorado State University, in Fort Collins, Colorado. He currently races for Elevate Pro Cycling, a UCI continental men’s road team. Growing up in the sport with many great mentors, he loves to pay it forward, using a combination of education and race experience. You can often find him zooming around on Fort Collins’ many gravel roads or on its countless mountain bike trails. Learn more about Zack.

www.source-e.net | inquire@source-e.net | 877.729.0911

Road Bike Action GW15 press

Congrats to the 2015 overall winner, Neil Shirley!  Also huge thanks to Neil for the write up on GW15 in the November 2015 issue of Road Bike Action.  Here is a link to a RBA blog and article preview by Neil on the GW15.
Not everyone will win a jersey, but everyone will have a memorable day on the bike!

2016 Gravel Worlds

Rob Evans – Open Men
Kae Takeshita – Open Women
Andrew Strempke – Single Speed Men
Gabrielle Shelton – Single Speed Women
Ethan Froese – Masters Men
Karen Pritchard – Masters Women
Jayp & T-Race Petervary – Tandem
Aaron Wrabek – Fat Bike Men
Suz Falvey – Fat Bike Women

Gravel Worlds 2015 Results

1NEIL SHIRLEYSANTA CLARITA, CAOpen Men7:54:0318.991214
2BRIAN JENSENLAWRENCE, KSOpen Men7:55:4318.922151
3BOB CUMMINGSROSE HILL, KSOpen Men8:28:4017.693115
4AUSTIN MORRISCOLCORD, OKOpen Men8:28:4117.694190
5SEAN MAILENMINNEAPOLIS, MNOpen Men8:32:4517.555171
6BEN DOOMST. CLOUD, MNOpen Men8:32:4917.556123
7DAN HUGHESLAWRENCE, KSOpen Men8:38:0317.377149
8YURI HAUSWALDPETALUMA, CAOpen Men8:57:2516.758144
9MIKE MARCHANDKEARNEY, NEMaster Men8:57:2716.75942
10DAVID HAASEFOND DU LAC, WIOpen Men8:58:1716.7210141
11REBECCA RUSCHKETCHUM, IDOpen Women9:08:4716.41292
12CHARLIE SCHADSARTELL, MNOpen Men9:08:4816.411211
13ROB BELLOKLAHOMA CITY, OKOpen Men9:08:5516.41284
14WESLEY BOYCESHAWNEE, KSSingle Speed Men9:09:4916.3713248
15RANDY GIBSONLINCOLN, NEMaster Men9:24:1415.951432
16MIKE REYNOLDSEMPORIA, KSMaster Men9:24:3515.941556
17RAFAL DOLOTOOMAHA, NESingle Speed Men9:32:1515.7316253
18DAVID RANDLEMANOMAHA, NEMaster Men9:36:1015.621754
19KAE TAKESHITASAPPORO, --Open Women9:36:2115.622295
20TIM & KRISTI MOHNEMPORIA, KSTandem9:37:2815.5918279
21JAMES GROOMSSHAWNEE, KSMaster Men9:41:1315.481934
22BRIAN BRADLEYBLUE SPRINGS, MOOpen Men9:42:0315.462092
23MARTY KILLEENLINCOLN, NEOpen Men10:01:0714.9721158
24SHAWN HANSENLINCOLN, NEOpen Men10:13:3814.6722143
25JOSH LEDERMANBETTENDORF, IAOpen Men10:20:3914.523166
26ERIC VACEKLINCOLN, NEOpen Men10:24:4514.4124227
27DALE PINKELMANLINCOLN, NEOpen Men10:26:0014.3825205
28TED LOOSENMPLS, MNOpen Men10:26:0114.3826170
29DAVE ZIEMERGREENFIELD, MNOpen Men10:26:0214.3827245
30TOM WARRENBELTON, TXOpen Men10:28:1214.3328232
31CHRIS FARNEYSAINT JOSEPH, MOOpen Men10:28:3414.3229128
32COREY CASEASHLAND, MOOpen Men10:29:4014.2930104
33TODD TVRDIKKEARNEY, NEOpen Men10:31:0814.2631226
34JOSH BROWNCUBA, MOOpen Men10:32:0714.243294
35DEXTER PHAMWICHITA, KSOpen Men10:32:0714.2433203
36PEAT HENRYST LOUIS, MOSingle Speed Men10:32:2514.2334258
37LAWRENCE FITZOAKWOOD, ILMaster Men10:33:0914.213530
38ANATOLIE JUNCUCOLUMBIA, MOOpen Men10:33:2014.2136152
39JEFF YOUNGEMPORIA, KSSingle Speed Men10:33:3314.2137272
40MARCUS MANCINICLEVELAND, OHOpen Men10:35:3214.1638172
41STEVEN CANNONCLIVE, IAOpen Men10:39:3214.0739101
42CHRIS KARPOWICZBROADVIEW HTS, OHOpen Men10:47:0413.9140153
43MATT CURRYCARMEL, INMaster Men10:47:4313.94123
44ANDREW KEFFEROMAHA, NEOpen Men10:52:3313.7942155
45JOSH SHEARLINCOLN, NEOpen Men10:53:2713.7743213
46MICHAEL MORIARTYDECATUR, ALMaster Men11:05:2113.534448
47BAILEY NEWBREYCHICAGO, ILOpen Men11:09:4213.4445193
48MEGAN HOTTMANGOLDEN, COSingle Speed Women11:13:4813.363274
49COLLIN LITTLESPRINGFIELD, MOOpen Men11:20:5413.2246167
50NATHANIEL MERRILLLAWRENCE, KSSingle Speed Men11:23:0513.1847261
51BARRY MEITLERLEE'S SUMMIT, MOOpen Men11:29:5113.0548180
52MATTHEW BURDETTPAPILLION, NEOpen Men11:36:0312.934996
53BEN ROSSLINCOLN, NEOpen Men11:40:1212.8550209
54ROB LIVERMORELINCOLN, NEOpen Men11:40:1212.8551168
55CURT CARLSONRAYMORE, MOSingle Speed Men11:40:4012.8452249
56DAVID AVERILLFORT COLLINS, COOpen Men11:44:1912.785380
57ANDREA COHENIOWA CITY, IAOpen Women11:46:0312.754281
58BEN COOPERNORTH PLATTE, NEOpen Men11:47:3112.7254110
59COREY HILLIARDBROOKLYN, NYOpen Men11:48:0212.7155146
60JOE STILLERSIOUX FALLS, SDFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men11:49:3212.685610
61RANDALL SMITHNORTH PLATTE, NEFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men11:49:3412.68579
62IAN SMITHLAWRENCE, KSOpen Men11:51:4212.6558216
63SCOTT RAKEELKO, MNOpen Men11:57:1112.5559206
ELKO, MNTandem11:57:1112.555280
65BRIAN BICKELLSTILLWATER, OKOpen Men12:03:4112.446088
66SARA SIEMSSTILLWATER, OKOpen Women12:05:0312.416293
67MARK KRAUSEBLUE SPRINGS, MOOpen Men12:09:0712.3461161
68SETH WOODSTILLWATER, OKSingle Speed Men12:12:5212.2862271
69JOSH RICELINCOLN, NEOpen Men12:14:2312.2663208
70SCOTT FEUERHELMMERRILL, IAOpen Men12:17:4812.264132
71JB BARNHOUSEIOWA CITY, IAFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men12:20:3112.1565247
72PAMELA LIONBERGERLINCOLN, NEMaster Women12:22:5312.11772
72EDWARD BALDERSONCORTLAND, NEMaster Men12:22:5312.116614
74BOBBY THOMPSONEMPORIA, KSOpen Men12:28:0212.0367223
75BRIAN EDEKERIOWA CITY, IAFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men12:28:0312.0368254
76ROBERT BENTONOMAHA, NEOpen Men12:30:3611.996986
77CRAIG MURMANLINCOLN, NEOpen Men12:30:3711.9970191
78SARAH JANIAKLINCOLN, NEOpen Women12:30:4511.998286
79MATT ERNSTKANSAS CITY, MOMaster Men12:31:4211.977128
80BIG DUMMYLINCOLN, NEFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men12:42:0911.81722
81JILL RIESELINCOLN, NEOpen Women12:43:3811.799291
82CASEY MANNOMAHA, NEOpen Men12:44:1511.7873173
83CHRISTOPHER CRONINLINCOLN, NEOpen Men12:44:1611.7874114
84MATHEW STEELEOMAHA, NESingle Speed Men12:44:5811.7775264
85RUSSELL PARDELINCOLN, NEOpen Men12:53:3811.6376199
86JANINE COPPLELINCOLN, NEMaster Women12:54:4311.621070
87JOE PAHRNORTHFIELD, MNMaster Men13:03:1911.497750
88DANA WALLCHICAGO, ILOpen Men13:05:5611.4578229
89JACOB SPATHQUINCY, ILOpen Men13:08:0411.4279219
90DAVID MCLEODHARRISONBURG, VAMaster Men13:10:2911.398047
91WARRAN WIEBELAWRENCE, KSSingle Speed Men13:10:3111.3981268
92CHRIS BURGERLAWRENCE, KSOpen Men13:10:3211.388297
93JIM BRUERSTILLWATER, OKOpen Men13:19:0511.268395
94BOBBY WINTLESTILLWATER, OKOpen Men13:21:0811.2384241
95DAVE MARKMANAVON, MNOpen Men13:21:1811.2385174
96JEFF BLOOMLINCOLN, NEMaster Men13:22:0611.228616
97KRISTIN KLEVELINCOLN, NEMaster Women13:22:0711.221171
98KYLE KREBSLEES SUMMIT, MOOpen Men13:22:0811.2287162
99ROD GRADYFORT CALHOUN, NEMaster Men13:23:1511.28833
100DON BUTTRAMLEBANON, MOOpen Men13:24:4311.1889100
101JAMIE WYNNESPRINGFIELD, MOOpen Men13:24:4311.1890242
102MARK FALLOONLINCOLN, NEMaster Men13:33:4511.069129
103SCOTT KIDDOOLINCOLN, NEMaster Men13:37:52119239
104DAVID CLEASBYCOUNCIL BLUFFS, IAOpen Men13:42:2410.9493108
105MICHELLE CLEASBYCOUNCIL BLUFFS, IAMaster Women13:42:2510.941267
106ANN RINGLEINLINCOLN, NEMaster Women13:43:2810.931375
107JAMIE GRANQUISTLINCOLN, NEFabike/Cargo/Rec Women13:45:3310.91412
108SCOTT IDEENLINCOLN, NEOpen Men13:45:3710.994150
109MARK CHAPINLINCOLN, NEOpen Men13:50:4510.8395105
110JEFF & SHAE CALDWELLNORTH PLATTE, NETandem13:58:3410.7396277
111JOHN WELSHKANSAS CITY, KSSingle Speed Men13:58:3410.7397266
112LANE BERGENLINCOLN, NEOpen Men13:58:3410.7398222
113PAUL LARSENOMAHA, NEMaster Men14:08:2010.619940
114CRAIG FURBERLINCOLN, NESingle Speed Men14:22:4510.43100256
115KYLE HANSENLINCOLN, NEOpen Men14:33:4110.3101142
116EMMETT HOLLOWAYLINCOLN, NEOpen Men14:33:4110.3102147
117AARON CARNESLINCOLN, NEOpen Men14:39:0610.24103103
118RODNEY GEISERTCOLUMBIA, MOMaster Men14:40:0010.2310431
119MELEIA OESTMANNELKHORN, NEOpen Women14:40:0210.2315290
120SPENCER KLAASSENSAINT JOSEPH, MOSingle Speed Men14:40:0710.23105259
121DYLAN WALLLINCOLN, NEOpen Men14:40:1510.22106230
122RYAN ALBERTSONLINCOLN, NESingle Speed Men14:40:3410.22107246
123MATT WILLSLINCOLN, NESingle Speed Men14:40:3510.22108269
124PETE LIRAJACKSONVILLE, ILMaster Men14:50:0110.1110941
125MIKE WAGSTERPAPILLION, NEMaster Men14:50:0210.1111065
126JASON CYBORONLINCOLN, NEOpen Men14:53:2310.07111116
127TINA STILLERSIOUX FALLS, SDFabike/Cargo/Rec Women14:54:3910.061613
128BILL DINGERKANSAS CITY, MOOpen Men15:01:589.98112120
129DAVID MARGRAFSOUTHLAKE, TXMaster Men15:06:279.9311343
130LINDA MARGRAFSOUTHLAKE, TXMaster Women15:07:179.921774
131TYLER NEALMCCOOK, NEOpen Men15:17:129.81114192
132SHEENA CHRISTIANSENLINCON,NE, NESingle Speed Women15:21:339.7718273
133CARA WHALENLINCOLN, NEOpen Women15:21:339.7719297
134JEFF PABIANLINCOLN, NEMaster Men15:21:349.7711549
135JIM PHILLIPSSPRINGFIELD, MOSingle Speed Men15:27:429.7116263
136STEVE MCGUIREIOWA CITY, IAFatbike/Cargo/Rec Men15:28:559.691177
137BENJAMIN TURNEROMAHA, NEOpen Men15:58:159.39118225
138ANTHONY MCGRANEWATERLOO, IAOpen Men15:58:179.39119176
139PELL DUVALLOMAHA, NEOpen Men15:58:289.39120124
140SCOTT REDDOMAHA, NEOpen Men15:58:449.39121207
141KELLI GREATHOUSEDONIPHAN, NEOpen Women16:08:339.2920285
142BRETT STEVENSPERKINS, OKOpen Men16:19:249.19122220

Results 2015 – 150

Gravel Worlds 2015 Results

The Good Life Gravel Adventure 2008

When we say “humble beginnings”, we weren’t kidding. The writeup below came from the PCL Blog and was written the day after that inaugural voyage. It’s great to see that so many of the original supporters are still on board, and that the precedent of good vibes carries on today.
It’s a wrap!
Here are the results to the Inaugural Pirate Cycling League’s The Good Life Gravel Adventure. A big thanks to all the participants, sponsors (Cycle Works, Moose’s Tooth, Bike Pedalers, Screen Ink and Jason, TMCO, War Axe, and Snappy Caps), and volunteers (Steph and DK). The event wouldn’t have happened without ya!ResultsTheGoodLifeGravelAdventure2008
Twenty one participants ended up hitting the gravel roads surrounding Lincoln at 6 AM on Saturday morning. Some had other obligations and had to end the journey at Cortland, but 16 riders finished the adventure (17 including myself, but I don’t count as neutral support). The weather was beautiful and the wind was very timid for Nebraskan standards. We couldn’t have asked for a better day to be on the bike. If you weren’t there, you were missed and you definitely missed out.
The course ended up being around 135 miles. The mapping software used by Bikely.com was very inaccurate with the elevation gain. According to Bikely.com the total elevation gain was less than 1000 feet. Oly had a Garmin and measured close to 7700 feet of elevation gain during the event. Check out the stats here! For those of us that rode the whole route, the 7700 feet would probably seem much more accurate. Lots of rollers on the course especially on Pella Road and Branched Oak Road.
There was one error on the cue sheet (58th after Saltillo Road should have been 56th) and I apologize for the error, especially to those riders that were lead astray at that intersection.
Please let me know how the event can be improved upon for next time. I would appreciate feedback on any aspect of the event including start time and location, distance, terrain, checkpoints, purchase of lottery tickets, cue sheets, and the time of the year (late September). Feedback can be here via blog posts or to my email (see profile for address).
The Nebraska Powerball Lottery tickets are being reviewed. It’ll take a while since over 60 tickets were purchased. If we win, you’ll be receiving a phone call soon!
Again thanks to all that came out to enjoy the day. I was very excited to see some folks from Kansas, Missouri and Iowa. Hope to see you folks again at some cross races this fall or at events next year. Congrats to all the finishers!

2015 Gravel Worlds

Neil Shirley – Open Men
Rebecca Rusch – Open Women
Wesley Boyce – Single Speed Men
Megan Hottman – Single Speed Women
Mike Marchand – Masters Men
Pamela Lionberger – Masters Women
Tim & Kristi Mohn – Tandem
Joe Stiller & Randall Smith
(Co-champions) – Fat Bike Men
Jamie Granquist – Fat Bike Women

2014 Gravel Worlds

Dan Hughes – Open Men
Karen Borgstedt/
Andrea Cohen (tie) – Open Women
Wesley Boyce – Single Speed Men
Kate Wilson – Single Speed Women
Warren Wiebe – Masters Single Speed
Michael Moriarty – Masters Men
Desiree White – Masters Women
Matt Gersib – Cargo/Fat Bike Men
Jamie Granquist – Fat Bike Women

2013 Gravel Worlds

Austin Horse – Open Men
Monika Sattler – Open Women
Wesley Boyce – Single Speed Men
Elisabeth Reinkordt – Single Speed Women
Lester Carson – Masters Men
Angie Rake – Masters Women
Richard Biechler/Jenny Loney – Tandem
Mark Mervine – Cargo/Fat Bike Men
Traci Andre – Fat Bike Women

2012 Gravel Worlds

Jay Thomas – Open Men
Sydney Brown – Open Women
Rafal Doloto – Single Speed Men
John Mathias – Masters Men
Kim Carveth – Masters Women
Ben Swift – Cargo/Fat Bike Men

2011 Gravel Worlds

Greg Shimonek – Open Men
Loren Uscilowski – Open Women
Eric Brunt – Single Speed Men
Janna Vavra – Single Speed Women
Mike Shumway – Masters Men
Kim Carveth – Masters Women
Lance Andre/Malcolm Tassi – Tandem

2010 Gravel Worlds

Mike Marchand – Open Men
Kelly Kostman – Open Women
Chris Hansen – Single Speed Men
Janna Vavra – Single Speed Women
Jon Vondracek – Masters Men
Kim Carveth – Masters Women
Wes Gregg/Gunner Rush – Tandem