Nine Basic Rules

Bicycle riding is just not that complicated. Nor does it seem that the quality of the gravel riding experience is in any way tied to the size of a rulebook. Everyone that comes here understands that when it comes to breaking or even bending a rule that the stakes aren’t really measured in dollars (or dollars lost). They’re measured in personal integrity.

Don’t be lame.

This really covers a lot of ground.

subsection 1:

Are you now serving or have you ever served a USADA/WADA or other sanction body suspension? If yes, you cannot participate in Gravel Worlds. 

Wear a helmet.

Must be a Pirate approved helmet…whatever that is.  Oh, and no old school hairnets.

Don’t litter

on our beautiful countryside. Seriously.


on the morning of the race at the rider meeting we might say something important.

Check the checkpoint.

Make sure at each checkpoint your number has been aknowledged and recorded by our volunteers. 

Have lights

on your bike at all times. Front light for illumination and a rear red tail light is MANDATORY. It’s still dark at the start and you might finish after dark.

Make sure

you encourage others, help others in need, have fun, and give Schmidty a hug. 


of any kind. No caching supplies, no friends or family on the course, and no prearranged support from other riders.  This one is on you!!!