Your hardest Challenge with GW.
The start and the last third until ~5 miles to the finish. In particular, the heat and wind of the slog to the north on 176th ST. At this point I was alone and so very tired.
Your highest/moment of GW.
Learning I’d got the women’s win.
Your favorite GW moment.
Cresting the final hill and seeing the finish from afar.
Biggest hurdle you overcame.
Quitsies at about 2/3s of the way in. Cramping and fatigue had my inner voice occasionally mentioning that it wasn’t that important, and it wouldn’t really matter if I didn’t finish.
Feeling you had when finishing.
The doing hurts, but the having done feels AMAZING! And, now FRIES!
Sydney has also been a huge help to the planning and organizing of Gravel Worlds 2018. Thank you, Sydney for your help and dedication to make Gravel Worlds even better.