When was your first Gravel Worlds?
I think 2015. I was a late-bloomer as we have so many gravel roads in Iowa. In hindsight, I would have participated years ago! I love the event and the vibe!
What was the biggest hurdle/most difficult challenge?
the last 20 miles of 2017. It was hotter than than Satan’s house-cat. I was pushin’ a fat bike, The hills were all front-loaded and I had a puking incident near the finish (see below).
What was your highest Gravel Worlds moment?
The first year I finished. Even as a Trans Iowa finisher, the term “Gravel Worlds” is intimidating at first, but anyone with enough fitness and tenacity can finish with a smile.
What is your favorite Gravel Worlds story?
Talking with the owners at the Pickle stop. The lottery was big that week and he said he was going to buy some lottery tickets. I handed him a $20 and asked him to buy me some tickets and we’d share the winnings. He thought that was great. Good times!
How did you feel when you finished?
Depends on the year and my fitness level. In 2017 I puked 20 miles out from a mix of the heat, a Coke, a pickle and Chocolate milk. word to the wise – NEVER mix those 4 things withing a 10 mile period. All was good once I got back to the bar, ate and had one or twelve beers.
In one phrase, what is Gravel Worlds to you?
The camaraderie – Great Times with like-minded Gravel friends