My first GW was 2016…..ohhhhhhh…..the wind! But I made it! And I wasn’t last!! Biggest hurdle/challenge was the distance, and learning how to eat properly during the race. Prior to GW, a hundy was the farthest I had ever gone. Oh, and also getting bit by a dog on a training ride the week before. My thigh was black and blue and still sore come race day.
My highest moment was probably last year, when I beat my previous time by over an hour. Hope to do even better this year! But with me coming back from shoulder surgery, it might be tough.
One of my favorite stories was from my first year. Just west of Val, I was having a very tough time, with three flats, and exhaustion setting in. Another rider and myself got to the top of a hill, surprisingly to find Jennifer Hoffman with her son, sitting in their pickup. They had set up a mobile SAG, and offered us some snacks and an adult beverage! That gave me a second wind that allowed me to finish it out! It was an amazing feeling to be finished both times, but last year was the best! To have all your friends and volunteers cheering you on as you cross the finish is unbelievable!
Gravel World’s to me is THE grassroots gravel event of the year… get a chance to see so many friends out there racing with you. The Lincoln cycling community is so awesome!
Joe is also the organizer for the Solstice 100 Gravel Grinder. This event will be in 2 weeks on June 23rd. Get signed up and go ride on one of the longest days of the year!