#GravelFamily: Neil Taylor “Minister of Gravel”

• What’s your favorite GW experience? – has to be hanging out…

• What’s your favorite GW experience?

– has to be hanging out with buttcrackjenny at the 2018 GW. She had some massive balls taped to her wheels as well as other parts of her bike. Within a few miles they were flapping in the wind and she needed some tape to control their craziness. Luckily I had some. In turn she gifted me one that hangs on the wall in my bike room.  There’s fun at the mid/back of the pack folks.

• What’s your funniest Gravel event story (ie never trust a fart)

Aside from the story above uh…. somethings that maybe shouldn’t be repeated. I’ll just say this if you surround yourself with fun people you will find yourself swallowed up in funny during most gravel events.

• How long have you been riding? Has gravel changed your perspective on riding, and if so, how?

7 years. At first I was very reluctant to get in the bike let alone get out for a 20 mile ride.  Before I knew it I became immersed in the culture, community and family of gravel. No doubt it helped living in emporia. For a while during those 7 years I was pushed to race. Now I’m cool if I roll in DFL with a party pack of riders coming back with stories and smiles. I’ve learned to enjoy what we have. I don’t care to push fast all the time. So many friendships have come from simply slowing down and hanging out while riding bikes.

• Has gravel brought you closer to your community and if so, how? 

Absolutely we moved to emporia 8 years ago. If it wasn’t for cycling I wouldn’t have got to know as many people here.  A lot of close friends that I have and will likely have through my adult life have come because of the gravel cycling community.

• What does #GravelFamily mean to you?

People I can lean on, rely on and know that I’ll always have a good time with.

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