#GravelFamily: Bobby Thompson (The Casual Cyclist)

I have been riding 10 years. 99% of the time it’s has…

• What’s your favorite GW experience?

My favorite Gravel Worlds experience is one that actually happens every year. Rolling into Malcom and the Malcom General Store. I love seeing all the riders hanging out and taking a moment to relax and gather themselves. The owners are always ready to help the riders out also. Just a great feeling.

• What’s your funniest Gravel event story (ie never trust a fart)

Gravel event? Well not funny at the time. Dirty Reiver. England. My stomach was going to explode. The brush was so thick along the edge of the road I had to wiggle backwards into it. Just far enough to be out of the way but still on display for those who looked right. I remember lots of giggles especially when my jersey got tangled in the tree limbs as I tried to hurriedly out it back on. So embarrassing.

• How long have you been riding? Has gravel changed your perspective on riding, and if so, how?

I have been riding 10 years. 99% of the time it’s has been on gravel. Gravel is my mental reset button. The longer the distance, the more complete the reset.

• Has gravel brought you closer to your community and if so, how?

Gravel has expanded my community. I have always been community minded. I am blessed to live in a community adapted and accepting of gravel cycling.

• What does #GravelFamily mean to you?

Gravel Family. We need to remember to be there for each other on the roads. Events, group rides, solo rides or in our local communities. Support each other. Slow down when asking a rider if they need help. Make eye contact. Mean it. Say something to the person you are riding next to. Say hello. Say howdy. My kids hate it when I say howdy. Dad you’re NOT from Texas!!! Nice ride! Nice kit! Nice wheels! Nice calves!! Okay maybe keep that last one silent. I told a friend he had nice calves once…only to a complete stranger turn around and stare at me very confused.

Go play bikes with your friends.

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