About Events

Gravel Worlds 2020

The 2020 Gravel Worlds promises an unparalleled challenge for the gravel enthusiast. The pirates are charting a route of approximately 150 miles and near 10,000 ft of climbing – adventuring through the rural farmlands of Southeastern Nebraska. World Championship jerseys are up for grabs in the following categories: Open Men under 40, Open Men 40 to 49, Open Men 50 to 59, Open Men 60+, Open Women under 40, Open Women 40 to 49, Open Women 50 to 59, Open Women 60+, Single Speed Men, Single Speed Women, Fatbike Men, Fatbike Women, Tandem, Men & Women Vintage

START TIME: 6:00am

Privateer Gravel Grinder

BACK FOR 2020! The Privateer Gravel Grinder sponsored by Cycle Works! Not wanting to walk the full plank? Plunderous none-the-less, our shortened course will test the mettle and give no quarter. We are plotting a (roughly) 75 mile voyage with checkpoints and high-seas refueling opportunities. This is not a championship event, the only prizes available are high fives, bragging rights, and a pat on the back. Six categories: Men <50, Men >50 and Men Single Speed, Women <50, Women >50 and Women Single Speed.

START TIME: 7:00am

Chamois Butt'r Buccaneer

Back for 2020! The Chamois Butt’r Buccaneer is a 50 km event for those that want to get their feet wet. This is a non-competitive event. Men and Women categories. The route will stay close to the Fallbrook Neighborhood with some rollers and one stop along the route.

START TIME: 8:00am

  1. Riders will navigate via cue sheets and/or GPS. The course will not be marked. You are responsible for navigation.
  2. Once riders leave the start finish, YOU ARE ON YOU OWN and you cannot receive outside assistance except the following:
    • Gravel Worlds Checkpoints/Oasis locations stocked with water, snacks, etc.
    • Small town stores with items you can purchase yourself
    • Pre-approved “Gravel Angels” (must be pre-approved by event promoters and offer assistance to all riders).
    • Fellow participants, but this must not be prearranged prior to the start of the event. NO DOMESTIQUES!
  3. Checkpoints are MANDATORY stops for all riders. Checkpoints will be staffed by volunteers who will give you a token that you must carry to the finish.
  4. Oasis locations are OPTIONAL stops that you can refill bottles and get snacks.
  5. If you have specific nutritional needs, carry your supplies for the day.
  6. Check out our RULES tab for additional vital information.